Eve Valkyrie PS4 preview – we go hands-on with one of Morpheus VR’s killer apps

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at 02:29pm April 14 2014
Eve Valkyrie 1

Sony had multiple virtual reality tech demos on show at the Game Developers Conference in March, but Eve: Valkyrie was the one experience that everyone wanted to get their hands on.

Dust 514 PS3 review: Galaxy-sized potential marred by patchy execution

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at 09:11am September 1 2013
Dust 514 review

To the extent that you can suck it down the PSN pipes and duke it out in an intergalactic scrap without shifting a single penny, Dust 514 is free to play. But if time is money in your eyes, then CCP’s ambitious online shooter might just be the most expensive game of all time. Penetrating its intimidating exterior and getting at the succulent MMO meat underneath requires a major investment of patience, a few shreds of your sanity, and an acceptance that – for the first few hours, at least – you’ll be dying faster and more often than Reginald D Hunter doing stand-up at a Tory tea party.

Dust 514 ‘launching’ on 14th May. Game will finally “be out of beta” say dev CCP

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at 11:53am April 29 2013
2013 Sci-fi - Dust 514

Feels like Dust 514 has been out for ages but that was only the beta which will now officially end May 14 according to developer CCP, when the game launches for really real.

Dust 514 and EVE Online about to merge – crossplatform interaction from January the 10th

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at 01:02pm January 9 2013
Dust 514 DLC screens

A post over at the EVE Online forums has announced the PS3 free-to-play shooter Dust 514 and PC Space-’em-up EVE Online are set to merge on January 10th. From that point players will be able to interact across platforms by hiring and attacking each other.

Dust 514 weapons trailer – space guns FTW

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at 01:22pm December 17 2012

Here’s producer Thomas Farrer to explain Dust 514′s weapon classes and functions in this free-to-play PS3 shooter. I”m pretty much sold on the gold engraved laser rifle and talk of a pistol that fires rockets.

Dust 514 release date set for next month

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at 11:25am September 24 2012

Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Jack Tretton has apparently outed Dust 514′s release date during a TV interview.

Dust 514 beta access for PlayStation Plus members tomorrow

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at 12:57pm August 21 2012
Dust 514 DLC screens

The ongoing Dust 514 beta will be open to PlayStation Plus members as of tomorrow, August 22nd, CCP have said. The Mercenary Pack DLC will also be available.

Dust 514′s Neocom PS Vita app lets you prep for assault anywhere

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at 04:24pm August 20 2012
Dust 514 neocom ps vita

New info on Dust 514′s companion PS Vita app, Neocom, have emerged. It lets you access all the “customisation, community and commerce features”, while you’re away from your PS3 and lets you poke around New Eden’s massive star map.

Dust 514 & EVE Online integration, keyboard and mouse support due August 21st

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at 05:00pm August 13 2012
Dust 514 DLC screens

Dust 514′s beta servers are finally set to start linking the shooter with the PC space ship MMO EVE Online, meaning players from either game/platform will soon be able to mess up each other’s worlds.

Dust 514 Mercenary Pack DLC screens

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at 08:47pm June 26 2012
Dust 514 DLC screens

CCP have released a few new screens to go with the Dust 514 Mercenary Pack DLC which is out this week.

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