New Deep Down gameplay shows fresh monsters, locations & combat

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at 12:44pm March 19 2014
deep down ps4 gameplay

Some new Deep Down footage has emerged from Sony’s ‘PS4 Creator’s Talks’ (The Japanese version of Conversations With Creators, I’m guessing). It features Capcom’s Yoshinori Oni showing a range of locations, monsters and combat. There’s a very Dark Souls-lite look to it all.

Strider PS4 review – I can be your Hiryu, baby

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at 12:03pm February 24 2014
Strider PS4 screens

You’d think bringing an 8-bit icon like Strider back into the gaming fold would be risky. Balancing some vigorous nods to the past, while injecting a fresh dose of DNA could have easily ended in a halfway house no one really wanted to occupy. Well, clearly no one told Double Helix that, because Strider takes all the elements that made its predecessors so incredible and makes this new effort look… well, effortless.

Deep Down delayed on PS4 to “fully use the hardware”

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at 11:09am February 10 2014
deep down PS4 screens

Capcom has announced a delay for Deep Down stating it wants to fully use the PS4 hardware, adding “we don’t want to risk being told ‘This could have been done on PS3!’”.

Retrostation: Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – our favourite demon hunter Dante resolves family issues

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at 02:54pm February 4 2014

Sibling squabbles can be thoroughly problematic at the best of times. Arguments over who gets Tuesday night TV rights can quickly descend into all manner of unfortunate anarchy. So when Devil May Cry 3′s two half-demon brothers start scrapping over the fate of humanity, you know things are headed south. Fortunately for the PS2 crowd of 2005, this pair of bad-tempered brutes also brought with them one of the most refined hack’n’shoot combat systems ever.

Strider’s PS4 screens have a hint of Street Fighter 4′s art style about them

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at 11:56am January 23 2014
Strider PS4 screens

Capcom‘s Strider reboot is arriving on PS4 next month and to accompany that fact there’s an unnecessarily large amount of screens. There’s more than a whiff of Street Fighter 4 about the look. Strider’s PS4 screens The game’s part reboot, part remake of the classic sci-fi side scroller where hero Hiryu slices through waves of enemies to defeat an evil ruler called Meio. Usual deal: kill everyone and look good…

Deep Down gets prologue trailer & new screens

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at 01:11pm January 2 2014
Deep Down ps4 screens

Deep Down has revealed a few new PS4 screens and a trailer. Key things to point out – evil chests and bad piano music. Remember Dragon’s Dogma’s crazy ’80s theme? Like that.

Hands on with Deep Down – Capcom’s PS4 dungeon crawler mixes Dragon’s Dogma’s combat with impressive visual effects

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at 02:53pm December 9 2013
deep down PS4 screens

We recently played Capcom’s PS4 dungeon-crawler Deep Down for the first time and were left suitably impressed with an experience that couples gorgeous visuals with combat that’s partly indebted to Dragon’s Dogma. Of course, last year’s lizard-slayer didn’t feel the need to stuff in a MacGuffin revolving around magical artefacts in 2094 New York.

Platinum Club – our expert trophy collector forgets no pot in Remember Me

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at 11:00am October 22 2013
Remember Me

Bonjour, bienvenue and welcome to 2084’s Neo-Paris, where our memory has been almost completely erased and all we can recall is how to collect intangible awards. Thankfully, there’s no online mode to deal with in Remember Me, so you can crack straight on in single-player.

PS4 exclusive Deep Down to be free-to-play

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at 12:55pm September 23 2013
deep down PS4 screens

Here’s a suprise annoucement: PS4 exclusive Deep Down will be a free to play game according to Shuhei Yoshida, tweeting an announcement from Capcom. There’s also going to an open beta nearer launch.

New Deep Down PS4 shots – more water monsters & mysteries

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at 10:13am September 13 2013
deep down PS4 screens

Five new Deep Down screens have arrived on its Japanese website following it’s confirmation as a PS4 exclusive game. It’s also given a name to the mysterious memory-reading characters that drive the story: Ravens.

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