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It’s finally happened: Snoop Dogg soon available as Call of Duty Ghosts DLC

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at 12:33pm April 16 2014
Snoop Dogg Call Of Duty Ghosts

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Money Snoopermarket, has agreed to lend his unique voice talents to Cizzle of Dizzle: Ghizzles. Priced at $2.99 (UK pricing TBA), the pack will unlock treats such as “Squad member active – a brother from another mother” and “Homies out the joint, it’s party time” for your listening pleasure as you play. Best of all, Snoop’s done a mega-awkward promo video for it. Take a peek.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC lets you play as Michael Myers, for some reason. We’re in.

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at 11:55am January 14 2014
Call Of Duty Ghosts Michael Myers

Is… is it Halloween already? Wow, it’s true what they say about time passing quicker as you get older. Let’s get on with it then: the latest DLC pack for Call Of Duty Ghosts seems to have been borne of horror movie marathons. Entitled ‘Onslaught’, it adds a new cabin-in-the-woods-type map called Fog and a mode that literally lets you become Michael Myers and plays the Halloween movie piano score while you stagger around with an axe, breathing heavily and presumably wondering what the hell’s going on. In other words, it looks fantastic.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts FAQ details its PS3 to PS4 upgrade

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at 12:04pm November 19 2013
call of duty ghosts ps4 review

Not sure how the PS3 to PS4 upgrade program works? Call Of Duty Ghosts has a fairly detailed breakdown of how to do it. This is only for COD remember and the offer expires on March 31st.

Where are the Rorke files in Call Of Duty: Ghosts? Find them all with this guide

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at 03:25pm November 14 2013
Call Of Duty Ghosts review screens

Scouring every nook and cranny in Call Of Duty: Ghosts for those annoying bloody Rorke files you need to earn the Audiophile trophy? Well, scour no more. Here’s a list of all 18 of the blighters, and where to bag them. Collectibles, eh?

Call Of Duty Ghosts recycles mo-cap from Modern Warfare 2 ending

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at 02:25pm November 6 2013

A sharp-eyed Youtuber has noticed a resemblance between a scene in Call Of Duty Ghosts and the end of Modern Warfare 2. I say ‘resemblance’, I mean the same scene – it looks like the original mo-cap data has just been dusted off and re-skinned.

Call Of Duty Ghosts review screens – staged single & multiplayer action for your viewing pleasure

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at 10:08am November 5 2013
Call Of Duty Ghosts review screens

Here’s our Call Of Duty Ghosts PS4 review & video if you haven’t already seen it. It’s the traditionally solid if unimaginative shooter action – nothing new but fun overall. To go with the release are this set of COD Ghosts shots showing off the single player action and some multiplayer too.

Call Of Duty Ghosts PS4 review – No future shock but the spirit of shooters past is present

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at 08:00am November 5 2013
Call of duty ghosts PS4 review

There’s a gunfight in space, a world-saving American task force who wear Halloween masks and, at one point, a dog that mauls an attack chopper to death. As if I needed to tell you, Call Of Duty Ghosts octane-drenched solo campaign on PS4 is self-referential, ridiculous, and, as it happens, irresistibly enjoyable. The multiplayer is a force of nature, as ever of course, that introduces new competitive and co-op modes along with palatable bot play… but all in good time.

Call Of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode gets trailer

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at 10:40am October 29 2013
Call of Duty Ghosts extinction trailer

After Call Of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode screens leaked the other day it’s finally been confirmed with an actual trailer. So, yes, Call Of Duty Ghosts is fighting aliens, online at any rate. The mode sees a team of four fighting to install a drill to destroy ‘space bug’ hives as extraterrestrial hordes swam in.

Call Of Duty Ghosts’ multiplayer modes, maps and weapons leaked

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at 12:32pm October 28 2013
CAll Of Duty Ghosts mutiplayer map

After the Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode leak yesterday a load of new stuff has appeared showing all of Call Of Duty Ghosts’ multiplayter maps, weapons and modes. This is a little less spoilery as it’s main a list of guns and game types.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode leaked. MASSIVE spoilers

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at 08:11pm October 27 2013
Call of duty ghosts

Be warned now these are some pretty huge Call Of Duty: Ghosts spoilers coming up. It looks like someone it already playing the game and has posted pictures of a multiplayer mode called Extinction. I cannot emphasis how much of a SPOILER WARNING I’m giving you right now.

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