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Borderlands 2 arriving on PS Vita in Spring – PS3 cross-save & 6 DLC packs included

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at 11:07am February 11 2014
borderlands vita

Borderlands 2 has been confirmed for a Spring release in the US as part of a PS Vita Slim bundle. The reworked shooter includes the obligatory touchscreen controls, the ability to cross-save with your PS3 game and 6 DLC packs.

Borderlands 2 producer confirms level cap raise for “quite a few levels” due by March

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at 12:01pm January 16 2013
sir hammerlock borderlands 2 DLC

James Lopez, associate producer on Borderlands 2, has confirmed a level cap raise is on the way, sometime in “Q1″, so by the end of March.

Borderlands 2′s worst driver – Why Emma Davies is a reluctant backseat driver

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at 01:00pm December 26 2012
Borderlands 2 PS3 screens

I am passable at many things in Borderlands 2. I can gauge the ideal spot to slam down a sentry turret in the heat of the moment. I’ve got my gun-stat calculations down to a matter of nano-seconds. I’m the freakin’ best at getting a little over-eager when exploring a bandit camp, finding myself in way over my head and then expressing gruff gratitude as I’m being revived. But playing chauffeur? Nuh uh.

More Borderlands 2 DLC outed by trophies. Is Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage next?

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at 11:23am October 18 2012
Borderlands 2

New trophies point to a second piece of Borderlands 2 DLC outed by 3 trophies called Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC trailer – watch Gaige and her deathbot kill stuff

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at 06:05pm October 15 2012
Borderlands 2 ps3 dlc

She’s small, stacks tons of damage and come with a personal robo-deathbot. See Gaige the Mechromancer in action with the first Borderlands 2 trailer of its fifth character playable in action.

Borderlands 2 DLC screens reveal Captain Scarlett & her Pirate’s Booty and more Mechromaner action

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at 04:05pm October 15 2012
Borderlands 2 dlc ps3

Here are some shots of the first Borderland 2 DLC expansion which introduces Pandora’s first pirate captain, Scarlett, and her booty. Which is treasure by the way, nothing else.

The 10 maddest Borderlands 2 trophies, and how to get them

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at 10:11am October 10 2012
Borderlands 2 trophies

Find out about the maddest, weirdest most WTF?-ist trophies Borderlands 2 has to offer. Plus how you can impress your friends and family by earning them.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC skill tree ready to play with

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at 11:56am October 9 2012
Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC skill tree

The Mechromancer is a DLC character heading to a game of Borderlands 2 near you soon, and now you can finally get a feel for her skills and abilities with an interactive skill tree.

Borderlands 2 tips: Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford’s character guide

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at 05:22pm September 19 2012

Here’s Gearbox president Randy Pitchford with a few Borderlands 2 tips in this exclusive and mega useful character video guide.

Borderlands 2 PS3 review – Guns. Lots of… ooh, this one shoots acid!

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at 05:00am September 18 2012

There really is nothing else like Borderlands 2. An open-world, free-roaming cross between Skyrim and Adventure Time – a hardcore shooter mixed with a dungeon-trawling loot-’em-up. The kind of game where people call each other ass-hats, then set someone on fire with a drum-fed shotgun that fires flaming rockets. This is a game that has a Top Gun-inspired mission where you steal volleyballs and battle topless Val Kilmer lookalikes in mirrored shades. Yeah, it’s that weird.

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