Diablo 3 PS3 review – PlayStation’s latest evil in residence is the hell of the ball

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at 08:01am August 29 2013
diablo 3 ps3

This is quite the coup – the threequel to one of the PC’s most revered franchises, on your PS3. Over a decade in the making, and record-holder for day one sales in the domain of mice and keyboards, Diablo 3 is a true industry heavyweight. If you’re uninitiated but you’ve heard the buzz and glanced its high fantasy artwork, there’s a good chance you’re expecting an epic somewhere on the scale between Avatar and the Bible. With more amulets of 2-3% cold damage.

10 ways Diablo 3 makes dungeon-crawling cool on PS4 & PS3 – we go hands on & chat to Blizzard

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at 11:12am July 24 2013
diablo 3 ps3

You might have heard of Diablo 3? Came out on PC a while back and kind of broke the internet? Big game. Huge. We’ve been playing the PS3 version and talking to Blizzard about making this a true console version on both PlayStation 3 and PS4.

Want to see 16 minutes of Diablo 3 gameplay on PS3? Of course you do

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at 03:52pm June 26 2013
diablo 3 ps3

Well, fifteen minutes of Diablo 3 PS3 gameplay and one minute of teeth-grinding introduction. plenty of time to see how Blizzard’s incredibly polished loot-’em-up is being translated for the Dualshock.

Making Diablo 3 for PS3: Blizzard on changes, new boss fights, why no Move & DLC plans

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at 04:16pm May 7 2013
Diablo 3 PS3

Not too long back I got a chance to talk to Matthew Burger, the senior designer on the PS3 version of Diablo 3. We talked about adapting the PC version for PS3, including the widespread changes to the controls, interface and loads more.

Diablo 3 PS3 shots show first console footage of Blizzard’s blockbuster RPG

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at 11:51am February 22 2013
Diablo 3 PS3_1

Ooh look, an X button! In Diablo 3! It’s really happening, folks. Blizzard’s storied RPG, 11 years in the making, is coming to PlayStation and these shots give you a glimpse of how it’ll look.

Diablo 3 on PS3 is a thing say Blizzard. Not an official project yet but “looking pretty cool”

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at 02:35pm December 13 2012

Blizzard have confirmed that a version of Diablo 3 exists on PS3, and while it’s up and running on console they’ve said, “We’re not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it’s looking pretty cool.”

StarCraft Ghost multiplayer images surface after 7 years

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at 01:01pm June 18 2012
Starcraft Ghost blizzcon pamphlet

Scans of a 2005 StarCraft Ghost leaflet detailing the PS2 game’s multiplayer have appeared online. The four pages show off classes like Zerglings, Ghosts, a range of vehicles plus two multiplayer modes and maps.

Diablo 3 PS3 is being developed but may never release on console

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at 04:20pm May 18 2012

The problem is not that Blizzard aren’t developing Diablo 3 for PS3 – they’ve admitted they are several times over – it’s more a question of whether it’ll ever get released on consoles.

Diablo 3 console release confirmed

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at 03:12pm January 10 2012
Diablo 3 console release confirmed PS3

Strange how these things happen. Legendary hack ‘n slash RPG Diablo 3′s PC release is rabidly anticipated, Blizzard has teased us in PS3 land with the merest hints of a console release, then suddenly through the magic of Twitter, Diablo 3 is confirmed for a console release, thanks to a tweet from Blizzard community manager Bashiok.

Golden Joystick Awards 2011: Starcraft 2 wins best strategy award

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at 03:30pm October 21 2011
Starcraft 2 Golden Joysticks 2011

Good day for Blizzard so far, after World Of Warcraft already bagged the best MMO. Their Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty picked up the best strategy title award ahead of 2K’s Civilization V in second, and SEGA’s Total War: Shogun 2.

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