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Blacklight: Retribution PS4 review – Overpriced even at £0.00

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at 05:10pm January 21 2014

Few games dare to dabble in magic, so Blacklight Retribution’s big trick is quite the sight to behold: Load it up, drop into a match and – ta-daaa! – you’d never guess you were playing a next-gen shooter.

Blacklight Retribution releases on PS4 in the UK today – free-to-play shooter doesn’t need PS Plus

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at 10:37am December 4 2013
Blacklight Retribution's free-to-play PS4 model lets you buy or hire items you don't want to grind for.

Free-to-play shooter Blacklight Retribution arrives on PS4 in the UK today having just missed out on the launch. If you’re not a PS Plus member and like multiplayer then this is your game as its FTP status means you don’t have to pay for online services.

PS4 debug main menu leaked in Blacklight video – five initial options, still goes ‘bwoop’

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at 03:09pm August 7 2013
PS4 debug menu

A recent Blacklight Retribution PS4 livesteam revealed a brief behind the scenes look at a PS4 debug menu after the pre-alpha gameplay crashed.

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