Bioware is the developer behind PS3 RPGs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

New Dragon Age Inquisition screens go big on dragons

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at 10:31am March 24 2014
Dragon Age Inquisition screens ps4

Some new Dragon Age Inquisition screens have appeared showing dragons, trolls and undead, as well as magical combat and a few new locations created using DICE’s Frostbite engine.

Dragon Age Inquisition gets new screens, trailer & info: promises “realistic ecosystem” & “emergent system based your actions”

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at 05:34pm March 6 2014
Dragon Age Inquistion

Bioware has posted new Dragon Age Inquisition screens and a trailer to explain how it’s using the Frostbite engine to support “massive areas, destruction, and the most advanced next-gen technology we’ve ever seen”.

Mass Effect trilogy for PS4 “discussed” by Bioware internally

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at 11:08am March 3 2014
Mass effect 2

The possibility of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy on PS4 has apparently been “discussed internally” by Bioware, although there are no “solid plans” as yet.

Dragon Age Inquisition fights back on PS4? Bioware’s RPG has more responsibility than ever

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at 11:50am January 3 2014
Dragon Age Inquisition ps4

Dragon Age Inquisition’s titular beast greets our arrival the old-fashioned way, with an operatic aerial bombardment of fire. As our character gets up, scraping together the remains of his health bar, we see the beast arc past a crag and begin its return sweep. Ahead lies a dusky temple – probably the kind that’s full of Darkspawn, but any port will do in a storm.

Dragon Age Inquisition “storyline completely playable from beginning to end” new screens & info

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at 12:43pm December 20 2013
Dragon Age inquistion PS4 screens

Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Dragon Age Inquisition has posted an update with plenty of detail on the game’s progress including mention that the story is now playable from start to finish. So it’s basically done, right?

30 minutes of gameplay in this new Dragon Age: Inquisition video

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at 10:02am November 13 2013
dragon age 3 inquisition

We’re starting the day with some sneaky off-screen capture of Dragon Age: Inquisition, which shows over half an hour of the Bioware RPG in action. Yes, there’s a lot of aimless wandering for the first few minutes, but stick with it (or skip it) and you’ll see plenty of combat and environment variation.

Dragon Age Inquisition gets ‘Fall 2014′ release date for PS4 & E3 trailer. Open world featured

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at 09:53pm June 10 2013
dragon age 3 inquisition

EA have confirmed a ‘Fall 2014″ release date for Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4. A few familiar faces appear in the shape of Morrigan and Varric and the new game will features an open world that will react to your choices.

March’s PlayStation Plus update gives you Mass Effect 3 for free

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at 03:54pm February 22 2013
Mass Effect 3

That’s right, PS Plus subscribers. If you haven’t already had a go at saving the galaxy, slapping people and mining the universe dry, now’s the time. Mass Effect 3′s available for free in the March update, along with Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Dead Or Alive 5.

The debate: should Mass Effect 4 be a prequel?

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at 12:51pm February 22 2013

David Meikleham and Phil Iwaniuk use their words to settle whether Mass Effect 4 should be a prequel, or distance itself from Shep’s story entirely. Fight!

Mass Effect 4 in “early stages of design”

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at 11:53am November 9 2012
Mass Effect 4

Casey Hudson the ‘executive producer of the Mass Effect series’ has tweeted that Bioware are starting work on “a completely new Mass Effect game” and has also asked fans what they want to see.

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