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Killing with kindness – remembering Bioshock’s shattering plot shocker

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at 11:59am February 10 2014
bioshock would you kindly

Would you kindly… stop reading this and finish Ken Levine’s seminal Bioshock if you haven’t already done so. Back in the room? Splendid. Now that we’ve all witnessed last generation’s mightiest spoiler, let us raise a giant drill hand in celebration of a moment that will forever make us suspicious of unfailingly polite Irishmen.

7 Reasons why Bioshock Infinite is the real Bioshock 2

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at 10:24am March 11 2013
The View From Columbia

We may not be in Rapture anymore Toto, but here are just a few reasons why Infinite is still unmistakeable addition to the Bioshock series and the true Bioshock 2, building on the same themes and ideas that began under the sea. What goes up, must come down.

PlayStation’s groundbreakers – the games that set a new standard for the platform

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at 10:14am November 29 2012

We look at the games that go beyond fun to play and challenge the definition of genre and videogaming itself. The industry’s better for these Bioshocks, Icos and Heavy Rains having existed, so let’s doff our caps and pay tribute. Doff it…

Bioshock Infinite – 7 things you don’t know

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at 02:41pm November 1 2011
BioShock Infinite PS3 Elizabeth and songbird

Sure, you’ve seen the demos and gameplay. But. There’s a lot more info floating around about Bioshock Infinite than you might think. Old interviews from when the game was just a name and a CG trailer; little bits of info that only make sense when you collect them together and put them in context. Basically I’ve spent bloody ages going over everything anyone’s ever said about Infinite and found out…

Russian BioShock Infinite cosplay is all kinds of hot

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at 03:31pm October 28 2011
Bioshock Cosplay

  [Update: Irrational Games like Ormeli's Elizabeth so much she's now the official face of Bioshock Infinite.] There’s a lot of videogame cosplay out there. Some of it is shocking, some of it is hot. This is absolutely the latter. Meet Russian cosplayer, Aleksandrovna Moleva – known to her friends as ‘Ormeli’. Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s eagle-eyed cosplay hunters tracked down this talented Moscow-based fantasy-dresser on her Flickr account – our interest piqued inintially…

Bioshock PS Vita “new Bioshock game” says Ken Levine

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at 12:54pm October 18 2011
Bioshock PS Vita

BioShock’s creator and head of Irrational Games Ken Levine gave tantalising details on bringing a Bioshock title to PS Vita at a recent conference in New York. And one thing’s clear – Irrational want it to be an entirely new game, not a port of Infinite or their previous titles.

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