Bioshock Infinite release date

The latest Bioshock Infinite release date info.

No BioShock: Infinite multiplayer says Ken Levine

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at 11:25am November 26 2012

Looking forward to capture the flag in Columbia? Prepare for some sadness…

Bioshock Infinite release date move to Feb 2013, missing E3 and Gamescom

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at 02:12pm May 9 2012
Bioshock Infinite PS3

Director Ken Levine has announced that the Bioshock Infinite release date will be pushed back to February 2013. This is apparently to allow “tweaks and improvements will make Infinite even more extraordinary”.

Bioshock Infinite PS3 release date announced

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at 01:23pm March 1 2012

Take Two have just announced a release date for Bioshock Infinite and that date is 19th October. Woo! It’s not saying much else at the moment so if you want more info you should try one of these: 7 things you don’t know about Bioshock Infinite Bioshock 1999 mode announced. Ken Levine explains the birth of Bioschock Infinite. Irrational Games’ Tim Gerritsen explains why they’re done with Rapture.  The amazing Bioshock Elizabeth cosplay.

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