8 Silver Age DC villains Rocksteady need in Batman Arkham Origins

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at 11:25am July 23 2012
BAtman prequel

The rumours are the next Batman Arkham sequel will actually be a silver age DC prequel. With that in mind here are 8 relatively unknown villains we reckon Rocksteady need to look up.

Batman’s cape gets a staring role in Hitman: Absolution

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at 11:24am February 29 2012

An animation demo of an alternate non-Arkham Batman game based on the Gotham By Gaslight comic’s Victorian setting has recently surfaced. Now a Day 1 employee (the developer behind the test) has popped up on Reddit to explain a little bit more about it and it’s unusual connection to Hitman: Absolution.  

The 8 lead characters that all games use

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at 03:36pm January 5 2012

When was the last time you really engaged with a game’s protagonist? In recent times at least, the spectrum of lead characters in most action games ranges from ‘Vin Diesel with guns’ to ‘Vin Diesel with guns/powers,’ and with all respect to the esteemed actor, that’s not enticing company to spend hours on end with. Other genres are just as guilty of wheeling out gaming’s go-to guys, from RPGs to…

Gotham City Impostors hands on preview (dressed as Batman)

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at 03:00pm December 12 2011
Gotham City Impostors Hands on Preview PS3 PSN

It’s all very sudden. One minute I’m on the underground crossing the bowels of London and surrounded by commuters, the next I’m wearing a full Batsuit, there’s a controller in my hand and, through the cowl, there is the madness of first person shooter, Gotham City Impostors. Oh, and I have a rocket launcher. (Just to clarify, Louise is our top Bat-fan and the costume was optional – Leon).

Batman Arkham City sequel teased: Arkham World

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at 04:46am December 11 2011
batman Arkham 3 world sequel ps3

The Caped Crusader sequel got a semi serious tease when the Joker accepted his ‘Character of the year’ award. During a short, threatening speech he waved around a folder with “Batman: Arkham World script” printed on the front before quipping ”Oops, spoilers!” and throwing the document to one side. It’s most likely a bit of fun. Probably. It’s got to be, surely?

Batman: Arkham City review

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at 12:32pm October 24 2011
Batman Arkham city ps3 screens2

Two years ago, Gotham’s infamous nuthouse was one of the most intimidating, impressive environments on PS3. Cut from deathly Gothic architecture and filled with lunatic henchmen, it was a chilling thrill to explore. Now, though, Arkham Asylum is nothing but a speck in the distance, dwarfed by Batman’s new playground; the awe-inspiring titular towering-prison-complex-cum-mini-metropolis.

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