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Watch the first 30 minutes of Batman Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC pack

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at 04:02pm April 14 2014
Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

What’s this new Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman Arkham Origins all about, then? Find out for yourself with this 30-minute video demonstrating the game’s opening half hour.

Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart DLC gets trailer & release date

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at 11:43am February 27 2014
Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

Batman Arkham Origins’ first DLC Cold Cold Heart has a trailer & release date. It’s out April 22nd and promises to “unearth the tragic origin story of Mr. Freeze” while featuring new bad-gadgets including the Batman Extreme Environment suit and Thermocharged Batarangs.

Batman Arkham Orgins Story DLC releasing “2014″. Mr Freeze hinted at in art

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at 11:42am January 2 2014
batman arkhma origins  DLC

Batman Arkham Origins Twitter and Facebook pages have teased new story based DLC with some icey art hinting pretty strongly that Mr Freeze is to star.

Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 review – step in studio fleshes out Wayne’s world admirably

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at 08:01am October 25 2013
Batman Arkham Origins ps3 screens

More than anything else, the previous Arkham adventures succeeded because they weren’t just games with Batman stuck in them – they let you recreate the feeling of being the man himself. Traversing environments in long swooping cape glides. Stoically standing on roof tops surveying the streets below. Or standing in a circle of thugs, unmoving, and waiting for them to take the first shot.
It worked because it looked cool. Because it made you feel great. But mostly because you knew the second anyone swung so much as a dirty look your way it would all end in a firm and ruthlessly minimal rearrangement of limbs, teeth and soft cartilage.

Watch a whole 17 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay

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at 04:03pm October 21 2013
Batman Arkham Origins Ps3

To get you pumped for the Dark Knight’s return to PlayStation pastures (and our exclusive review of Batman: Arkham Origins in issue #90, out this Friday), here’s a substantial chunk of gameplay direct from Warner Bros Games Montreal. In it, you’ll get to snoop around the Batcave, sample Bats’ city navigation and hand-to-hand chops, and witness mission involving some bent cops.

Batman: Arkham Origins review coming in this Friday’s Official PlayStation Magazine

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at 02:14pm October 21 2013
OPM 90 Batman cover

Wondering whether or not Warner Bros Montreal’s first crack at Batman can live up to the two Rocksteady games which preceded it? You’ll know this Friday, with Official PlayStation Magazine’s exclusive Batman Arkham Origin’s PS3 review.

New Batman Arkham Origins screens: Barbara Gordon, lens flare, dramatic poses

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at 12:03pm October 2 2013
Batman Arkham Origins 3

With just under a month until Bats descends on PS3 one more time in Arkham Origins, a handful of new shots have arrived to whet your appetite. Enjoy plenty of standing with feet far apart and cape swishing.

Batman: Arkham Origins Gamescoms screen show Firefly & Mad Hatter gang

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at 10:36am August 22 2013
Batman Arkham Origins ps3 screens

Some new Batman Arkham Origins screens have swung out of Gamescom showing Bat looking angry and Firefly, one of the assassins hired by Black Mask. He’s basically coming across a lot like MGS3′s The Fury.

New Batman: Arkham Origins screens confirm the Batcave is in!

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at 06:17pm August 19 2013
batman arkham origins ps3 screens

New Batman Arkham Origins screens confirm that a real, full-sized batcave will make an appearance in the prequel being developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal.

Batman Arkham Origin multiplayer screens

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at 05:18pm July 31 2013
batman Arkham origins multiplayer

Following on from this afternoon’s Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer reveal here are bunch of screens showing Bats, Robin, Team Joker and Bane’s crew leathering the hell out of each other.

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