Batman 3 Arkham City 2 Sequel

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Batman Arkham Origins 2013 release date: screens, trailers & gameplay – all the details

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at 04:44pm February 12 2013
batman arkham origins ps3 screens

Warner Bros have confirmed a sequel to Batman Arkham City in a recent investor call that mentions, “the next release in the in the Batman Arkham franchise”.

Batman: Arkham Universe could be Arkham 3, or new movie

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at 12:07pm January 14 2013
Batman Arkham City PS3 review

A whole heap of web domains have just been registered revolving around the Batman Arkham name. Four of the many options focus on ‘Universe’ suggesting a potential title for Batman Arkham 3.

8 Silver Age DC villains Rocksteady need in Batman Arkham Origins

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at 11:25am July 23 2012
BAtman prequel

The rumours are the next Batman Arkham sequel will actually be a silver age DC prequel. With that in mind here are 8 relatively unknown villains we reckon Rocksteady need to look up.

Batman Arkham sequel will be a 50′s prequel. 2014 release date

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at 05:32pm July 11 2012
Batman sequel

The next Batman game from Arkham City developer Rocksteady will apparently be a ‘silver age DC’ prequel set in the 1950s.

Batman Arkham City sequel teased: Arkham World

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at 04:46am December 11 2011
batman Arkham 3 world sequel ps3

The Caped Crusader sequel got a semi serious tease when the Joker accepted his ‘Character of the year’ award. During a short, threatening speech he waved around a folder with “Batman: Arkham World script” printed on the front before quipping ”Oops, spoilers!” and throwing the document to one side. It’s most likely a bit of fun. Probably. It’s got to be, surely?

Batman: Arkham City sequel – What do the Easter eggs tell us?

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at 04:05pm November 15 2011

Arkham Asylum, it’s fair to say, was packed with sequel-related Easter eggs and teasers to a borderline nonsensical degree. And now that Arkham City is with us, Rocksteady have done it again. But as with everything carried over from the first game to the second, the hints have been scale up to a head-spinning degree. It’s taken a while, but I’ve fine-toothed the game to within an inch of its…

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