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Dishonored concept art gallery. Art director Sebastien Mitton explains how a window cleaner on stilts inspired the game

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at 12:04pm October 19 2012
Dishonored concept art

Sebastien Mitton, Arkane Studios Art Director has released a few pieces of concept art explaining how the brilliant Dishonored came to be. From it’s origins based in 18th century London to how the Tall Boys, Whales and oil batteries all came from a window cleaner on stilts.

Dishonored 2 isn’t a done deal says creator

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at 02:51pm October 16 2012
Dishonored PS3 E3 2012

Considering it’s basically everyone’s favorite game right now you think Dishonored 2 would be a shoe in. But that’s not automatically the case according to co-creator Harvey Smith.

Dishonored PS3 gameplay livestream – we spend a few hours in Dunwall. Some people died

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at 02:59pm October 12 2012

Here’s a whole hell of a lot of Dishonored gameplay as Joel and Leon play through the first couple of levels. If you want to find out more about the game then jump in and watch as we debate the merits of stealth vs murder and the work ‘yoink’.

Dishonored PS3 video review – why you should love this magic FPS

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at 03:42pm October 11 2012
Dishonored video review

Ahead of tomorrow’s release here’s a video review of Dishonored with OPM’s Phil to talk you through what he thought about the stealthy, supernatural FPS.

Dishonored release trailer says “game of the year” a lot

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at 04:45pm October 9 2012
Dishonored PS3 screens Combat First Boyle

Bethesda Have released a launch trailer for Dishonored’s release this week. It’s basically a big excito-clip compilation of throat stabbing and time freezing while various mags and sites call it ‘game of the year’.

Dishonored PS3 review – many kinds of magic

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at 05:01am October 8 2012
Dishonored PS3 5

The genius of Dishonored is primarily evident in its flexibility. Example: it’s late in the game. You’ve specialised in a few abilities and you’re well-practised with them. A ten-foot armoured Tallboy soldier blocks your path, accompanied by two footsoldiers – you need to get to the building behind them. The stilt-wearing scumbag spots you and fires off an incendiary arrow. You stop time and leave the arrow suspended in the air, switch to your possession power with a flick of L2, occupy the Tallboy and walk him into the path of his own arrow. With time still paused, you hop back out and Blink up to a second-storey window, ready to unpause undetected and watch the fireworks.

Dishonoured trophies are full of ‘hell no’.

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at 11:11am October 5 2012

It’s not so much that these Dishonored trophies seem hard, it’s just that some of them look like things you might not want to actually do. “Complete the game without actually killing anyone”? What’s the point of playing?

New Dishonored “inception” trailer: watch it here

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at 05:43pm September 6 2012
Dishonored PS3

Dishonored’s co-creative directors, art team and designers talk you through what might very well be the game of the year in this new trailer. It’s set for an October 12th release date, which is awfully soon now.

Dishonored: 6 ways it will save gaming

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at 10:18am August 24 2012
Dishonored PS3 1

First-person gaming is a much-maligned beast. And rightly so – the genre’s getting lazy, homogenous, restrictive and sequel-obsessed. Enter Dishonored, a triumphant ‘screw you’ too all those conventions. Let’s look at how Arkane Studios is righting the industry’s wrongs, one at a time.

New Dishonored stealth trailer is all about killing them softly

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at 03:28pm August 23 2012
dishonored ps3 screens

A new Dishonored trailer shows off how the stealth mechanics function in the game. Unsurpringly it’s all about being quiet and not letting people see you.

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