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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC is out August 14, ties up the Knife of Dunwall narrative

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at 05:10pm July 16 2013
1848The Brigmore Witches_Dead_Eel

The final chunk of Dishonored’s so far excellent DLC, entitled The Brigmore Witches, is set for an August 14th release date on the European PSN, and it’ll once again put you in master assassin Daud’s shoes as The Knife Of Dunwall did. It’ll cost you £7.99.

Dishonored interview: Raphael Colantonio & Harvey Smith on endings, the state of the FPS & new IPs

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at 10:52am April 2 2013

We recently sat down with Dishonored co-creators and directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith to look back at the success of the game, it’s creation and the state of the FPS genre. Here’s what they had to say.

Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall PS3 DLC preview – full of character, hard as nails

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at 02:50pm March 22 2013

[Update: I've been corrected: Daud's Void Gaze does actually reveal enemies once upgraded. Something that wasn't made clear in the hour I had to play.]

I remember being amazed when someone told me they played through all of Dishonored without touching Dark Vision. The X-ray magic sights seemed like such an essential tool I couldn’t imagine playing the game without it. This vision-less DLC will be right up their street, then. No magic eyes, no advance warning. Just you, corners, and the clenching worry you’re about to blunder into someone angry.

The ultimate Dishonored tips guide – speed runs, walkthroughs, endings & more

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at 09:00am December 27 2012

The path of blood, or the path of shadow? That’s the question Dishonored’s leading man Corvo Attano faces at every turn through the boroughs of Dunwall. Ghosting through levels undetected takes patience, skill and willpower, and the rewards of a ‘low chaos’ playthrough are considerable. Then again, killing people is really fun, and it seems a shame to waste all those incendiary darts. So which is the best approach? How should you play this game?

Dishonored DLC trailer – watch the Dunwall City Trials in action

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at 05:52pm December 6 2012
dishonored DLC

Here’s a trailer for the first Dishonored DLC, Dunwall City Trials. It’s a pack of 10 challenge maps to test killing skills as you blink, stab and sneak your way to targets. It also adds new trophies.

Dishonored is now a franchise, Bethesda confirms

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at 02:57pm November 28 2012
Dishonored concept art

Bethesda PR chief Pete Hines has confirmed that Dishonored’s unexpectedly high sales figures will lead to the plucky new IP becoming a franchise of its own like Doom and The Elder Scrolls. In Hines words: “we clearly have a new franchise.”

First Dishonored DLC will be ten challenge maps, available December 11

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at 03:36pm November 27 2012
Dunwall City Trials_AssassinTraining

Bethesda’s given a release date to the first serving of DLC supreme sneak ‘em up Dishonored. Titled Dunwall City Trials and priced at £3.99, it’ll give you ten new challenge maps to test your stealth, combat and mobility skills.

Dishonored’s original pitch was “ninjas”

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at 01:04pm November 2 2012

I recently spoke to co-creators and directors of Dishonored, Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, about the making of Dishonored. We spoke about the concept’s initial creation and how it grew in to the game we finally got to play.

Dishonored 2 – our sequel wishlist

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at 09:51am October 29 2012
dishonored 2 the outsider

After all the praise and fan love Dishonored 2 seems a certainty (even if co-director Harvey Smith thinks otherwise). The question is, what should and shouldn’t change in a follow up?

Dishonored add-ons announced – challenge maps and story-based DLC inbound

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at 03:26pm October 25 2012
dishonored DLC

Expect three pieces of Dishonored DLC to be heading your way in the upcoming months. They include a challenge map called Dunwall City Trials to be released in December, and two story based add-ons coming in 2013. The first of these will star Daud and add new weapons, gadgets and powers.

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