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Sony announce 4.2 million PS4s & 9.7 million games sold, plus PS Plus subs up 90%

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at 10:24am January 8 2014
Andrew House

Sony has shared some fairly impressive PS4 stats, specifically 4.2 million cumulative PS4 sales (as of December 28th), as well as 9.7 million games. As a result uptake of PS Plus has also nearly doubled.

2.1 million PS4s sold – SCE president Andrew House thanks fans. “The journey has just begun”

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at 09:31am December 3 2013
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PS4 has now sold 2.1 million consoles in barely weeks prompting Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House to deliver a personal thank you to PlayStation fans. “We couldn’t have done it without you”, said House, adding, ” the journey has just begun”.

PlayStation 4 release date confirmed – PS4 arrives November 15th in the US, 29th in the UK

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at 07:33pm August 20 2013

Sony boss Andrew House has confirmed the release date for the PS4: it’s November 15th in the states and November 29th here in the UK. There you have it, time to pay out or collect your winnings on whatever sweepstakes you agreed to before the conference began.

SCE boss Andrew House says ownership concerns are not “just the views of the vocal minority,” explains why the PS4 camera isn’t mandatory

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at 12:05pm July 4 2013
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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has tackled the issue of digital ownership head-on in a recent interview, and also explains Sony’s decision not to force PS4 customers to buy a PS4 camera too. Kind of a biggie after E3, that whole ownership chesnut.

Sony’s Gaikai acquisition will focus on “game machines”

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at 11:13am July 4 2012
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Sony boss Andrew House has confirmed that “Gaikai’s services will be focused on Sony’s game machines”, silencing rumours that it might be rolled out on other products like TVs or phones first.

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