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Aliens: Colonial Marines interview: “Everything someone who watches the films wants, is covered” says Randy Pitchford

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at 09:00am June 13 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

We talk to Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford about all things Alien: Colonial Marines. Working with Ridley Scott, getting the multiplayer right and loads more.

Aliens: Colonial Marines hands on impressions, new aliens and Ridley Scott’s “secrets”

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at 01:00pm May 23 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines 2

We visit Gearbox to play Aliens: Colonial Marines and chat to Brian Martel and Randy Pitchford about the movie/game sequel.

Aliens Colonial Marines release date delayed. New trailer shows chestbursters

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at 04:05pm May 21 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

Bad luck if you were hoping for a bug hunt this year. The Aliens: Colonial Marines release date has been delayed.

Move over, Prometheus: 6 plot holes Aliens: Colonial Marines needs to tie up

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at 10:14am May 8 2012
Aliens plot holes

We delve into the mysteries (and glaring oversights) of the Aliens movies and assess whether Gearbox’s Aliens Colonial Marines really can, as Randy Pitchford suggests, tie up all the plot holes.

Aliens: Colonial Marines dev confirms what you can and can’t do from the film

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at 05:35pm April 19 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

We sat down with Aliens: Colonial Marines’ design lead John Mulkey to check though a tick list of film essentials we want to see on PS3: calling in the dropship, nuking the site from orbit – that sort of thing. Here’s what he had to say.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK: New issue on sale now

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at 09:00am April 17 2012
Cover & wallet

Admit it, you’ve totally missed us. Well, never fear, the brand new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is pick-up-able from a shelf near you.

Aliens: Colonial Marines’ lead writer has something to say about the Mass Effect 3 petition

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at 12:07pm April 5 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

Okay, Mikey Newman, the story lead on Aliens: Colonial Marines, doesn’t specifically say Mass Effect but there aren’t any other games being petitioned right now are there? [Checks] No, good. As a creative man he’s obviously very passionate about the whole ending debacle and has a few words to say.

Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 preview: close encounters of the bitey kind

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at 02:00pm April 4 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

We flew out to Gearbox’s Texas HQ to get the latest look at Aliens Colonial Marines on PS3, check out its interesting take on multiplayer, find out what Gearbox learned from talking to Ridley Scott, and decide exactly how excited we should be about its autumn release date.

Aliens: Colonial Marines stars Bishop. “It’s gotta be Lance”

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at 02:00pm April 4 2012
Single_Player_HangarShot_online LANCE

We already knew that Aliens: Colonial Marines would feature some of the original cast but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has finally confirmed at least one of the returning actors.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – new PS3 screens and art

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at 02:00pm April 4 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

Here are the latest PS3 screens and concept art for Gearbox’s sci-fi shooter.

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