Aliens Colonial Marines Screens

Aliens: Colonial Marines screens – that’s probably going to hurt

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at 04:51pm December 11 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Preview

You can find out more about the game over at our Aliens: Colonial Marines video & preview. Before you do, here are some new screens showing the xenomorph shooter in action.

Aliens: Colonial Marines screens have one angry looking queen

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at 12:13pm October 18 2012
Aliens colonial marines screens

Sega have released a few more Alien: Colonial Marines screens showing a little more of the game in action. There are a few familiar things like the APC and Alien Queen, plus a few new bits and pieces too.

New Aliens Colonial Marines screenshots – is that a new alien type?

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at 03:15pm September 10 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3

Sharp sticks at the ready – here’s the latest drop of screenshots for Aliens Colonial Marines. It’s been 700 years now since Gearbox’s in-canon Aliens shooter was announced, but it hasn’t been gathering dust. In fact we’re as excited as you can be about a game that’s been on the radar so long.

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