Alien Isolation screens

New Aliens screens show dead androids & dark spaces – retro tech design looks amazing

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at 02:15pm February 7 2014
Alien Isolation screens ps4

A new set of Alien Isolation screens have appeared showing a dead android and some more deliciously retro 70′s tech. A lot of it looks like the same area from multiple angles but still, hugely atmospheric.

New Alien Isolation screens show alien & incredible attention to detail

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at 12:50pm January 20 2014
alien Isolation

Here’s a new batch of Alien Isolation screens revealing more of the alien itself as well as the game’s incredible attention to detail when it comes to the original film. The art team apparently copied the original film designer’s felt marker style to help get in the right mindset – something the concept art backs up.

Alien Isolation announcement screens

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at 04:00pm January 7 2014
Alien isolation ps4 screens

Here are the first Alien Isolation screens for Creative Assembly’s new survival horror take on the classic movie franchise. All signs point to this being a more suspenseful and stealthy approach than Colonial Marines. Find out more with our Alien Isolation gameplay & details.

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