Activision publish the Call Of Duty series on PS3 as well as franchises like Spider-Man, James Bond and Transformers.

Naughty Dog hires former Assassin’s Creed dev, Activision spends $500m launching Destiny, and Battlefield 4 gets pre-game squad join feature – PlayStation round up

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at 05:03pm May 6 2014
Uncharted 4

Back to the grind, eh? Those three days off seem so far away now. It was a simpler time. A time when Naughty Dog hadn’t yet revealed that it hired Assassin’s Creed III lead animator Jonathan Cooper. A time when you didn’t know Activision’s spending $500 million on Destiny’s launch (for context, Norway’s GDP is $499m). A time when you were still wondering when DICE would get around to adding in a pre-game squad join feature to Battlefield 4. Ah, but those days are behind us.

First screen of new COD game emerges, Puppeteer coming to Plus and Chinese cone game censorship – daily PlayStation news round up

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at 05:02pm April 23 2014
Call of Duty 2014

Call of Duty dominated the news today as an impressive in-game screen made its way from Sledgehammer’s GDC presentation into the wilds of the internet. But it hasn’t all been close-ups of soldiers’ pores – there’s also news of the May Instant Game Collection titles including Puppeteer and Payday 2, and China’s censorship directives for console games.

It’s finally happened: Snoop Dogg soon available as Call of Duty Ghosts DLC

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at 12:33pm April 16 2014
Snoop Dogg Call Of Duty Ghosts

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Money Snoopermarket, has agreed to lend his unique voice talents to Cizzle of Dizzle: Ghizzles. Priced at $2.99 (UK pricing TBA), the pack will unlock treats such as “Squad member active – a brother from another mother” and “Homies out the joint, it’s party time” for your listening pleasure as you play. Best of all, Snoop’s done a mega-awkward promo video for it. Take a peek.

New Destiny screens and info – no AI companions, loot isn’t randomised, on-the-fly loadout changes in competitive matches

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at 04:45pm April 7 2014
Destiny 5

Bungie opened up its community mailsack recently and scattered razor-sharp shards of Destiny info all over its devoted fans. Oh, and some screens, too. The salient points? You won’t be able to recruit AI companions, as Bungie would rather you made use of all the other actual people milling around the solar system instead. There’s also a glimmer of info on the loot system – you’ll stumble across raw materials to upgrade your gear, and loot drops won’t be totally randomised but rather tailored to your class and level. Last, you’ll be able to change loadouts on-the-fly during competitive play, though there’s nothing stopping you being blown to smithereens as you do so.

What can Activision do to revitalise Call Of Duty on PS4? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

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at 02:34pm April 1 2014
Call of duty ghosts PS4 review

Call of Duty might still be one of the biggest games in all existence but there’s a cloud looming. Sales maintain their stratospheric numbers but have failed to reach peaks set by previous games, Black Ops in particular. Worse still there seems to be a growing resentment from gamers rebelling against it’s mainstream domination. So what can Activision do? Ride it out or reinvent its shooty cash cow. Here’s Team OPM to debate the options they think will work best for COD’s future.

Playable Peter Parker in p- um, new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer

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at 10:49am March 28 2014
Amazing Spider Man 2

Continuing the day’s theme of ‘game trailers which owe a lot to GTA V’, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 presents you with some new gameplay footage. It doesn’t look bad, you know. The highlight is unquestionably a brief peek into the life of Peter Parker, going about his regular-ass life in a nice house. We need to be grounded in reality to really enjoy superpowers, so spending some time chillin’ with PP will make us enjoy all the web-slinging that much more. That’s the theory.

Destiny’s Warlock, Hunter & Titan classes explained – Focus powers key to character building

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at 10:58am March 24 2014

What an elusive customer Destiny has been since its reveal early last year. Until now, you stood more chance of carrying a greased-up eel through a slip-n-slide than getting a firm hold on how Bungie’s forward-thinking online shooter actually plays. But at least we know how the character creation and class system works, giving us a better idea of what it’s like to grab a gun and explore the Solar System alongside some friends/strangers/tweens with the headset mic halfway down their throat.

First Destiny vehicle revealed – The Shrike

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at 12:06pm February 13 2014

PS4′s MMO shooter Destiny has revealed its first vehicle, the Shrike – a personal transport with a lot of Star Wars speeder bike styling to its design.

Angry Birds: Star Wars PS4 review – At a price like this, no wonder they’re furious

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at 03:04pm December 20 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars PS4

Make no mistake: this Skywalker-styled spin-off of the biggest game ever to grace a smartphone is one of the most creative, addictive, and just plain cute offerings available on your PS4 right now. To own Angry Birds: Star Wars is to instantly commit yourself to endless nights of just-one-more-go mania, as you slingshot variously-powered avians at an assortment of bacon-faced enemies. It is, in a word, ingenious. Sadly it is also, in four, a scandalous rip-off.

Skylanders: Swap Force PS3 review – Toy-related collectathon returns with a new trick

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at 05:22pm December 6 2013
Skylanders: Swap Force ps3 review

Trying to explain to your other half why a 27 year-old man is sat in a dark room surrounded by kids toys might sound a tad weird, but there’s something unhealthily moreish about the sugar coated world of Skylanders: Swap Force. It’s a bit like the way FIFA’s Ultimate Team taps into that childish (read: OCD) glee to fill your latest Premiership sticker album with endless boosters. A few toys and a couple of collectables later and I’m ten years old again and living life to the max.

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