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Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC releases on PS3 February 28th – new maps, modes & guns

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at 12:26pm February 13 2013
Black ops 2 ps3 dlc

The first Black Ops 2 PS3 DLC, Revolution, will arrive on February 28th adding 4 new multiplayer maps, a new Zombie level and mode, and for the first time, a new gun.

The debate: Is Modern Warfare 4 a Call Of Duty too far?

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at 01:14pm January 24 2013

OPM soldiers hit the battlefield over the cash cow series’ future as they debate whether Modern Warfare 4 is one COD too many…

Black Ops 2 online tips from David Vonderhaar – COD’s design director’s perfect loadout

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at 01:00pm December 25 2012
black ops 2 multiplayer maps tips guide

Black Ops 2’s create-a-class has been totally suited and re-booted thanks to the new Pick 10 system. You’re no longer constrained to picking content from each category. Pick 10’s titular ten-point system offers over a million combinations. It’s simple, but designed to encourage a greater level of customisation for individual play styles. Here’s Treyarch’s design director David Vonderhaar with his perfect ten and a guide to ruling online.

Black Ops 2 online woes see leaderboard scores deleted, but a fix is a comin’

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at 12:31pm November 27 2012

Black Ops 2′s online multiplayer is experiencing issues with gamers’ leaderboard records being deleted. Thankfully, Treyarch seem to be on the case…

Black Ops 2 zombies gameplay video – playing the all new undead mode

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at 12:58pm November 16 2012

Here’s Leon and Meiks to play a little Black Ops 2 zombie mode to see what new. Quite a lot actually with an expanded, more mission-like campaign.

Black Ops 2 gameplay video & review recap

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at 11:58am November 15 2012
Black ops 2 trailer breakdown

Here’s Leon and Meiks to play and talk about this year COD. Meiks wrote our Black Ops 2 review so he’s the best man to discuss the game’s finer points.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer map tips – get the upper hand online with our guide

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at 09:55am November 14 2012
black ops 2 multiplayer maps tips guide

Get a handy head start on Black Ops 2 online with a few helpful tips for its multiplayer maps. What to watch out for, how to prepare and more. Add your own tips into the comments too and I’ll keep updating the features until it’s the best we can make it.

Black Ops 2 review screens full of guns, mech and, um, squirrel suits

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at 06:21pm November 13 2012
Black Ops 2 review screens PS3

Here are some new screens to go with this morning’s Black Ops 2 PS3 review. After all, when your review embargo is eight hours after the game’s out why not send the screens at 6.18 when most people have gone home.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 review – Ditching modern warfare for future shooter thrills

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at 08:01am November 13 2012
Black ops 2 ps3 review

Captain Price and his hairy lip-rug. Multiplayer and perks. Zombies and naughty spins on the lucky dip weapons box. Call Of Duty has always thrown up indelible pairings. Its latest offering is no different, giving us the classic combo of… um, horse and rocket launcher. Yup, Black Ops 2 lets you fire an RPG from Black Beauty while assaulting a barrage of tanks in an Afghan desert. It’s a sweeping, daft and absurdly alluring spectacle. In short: it’s COD.

Black Ops 2 trailer analysis – new drones, jets packs, cloaking tech and locations

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at 02:16pm October 17 2012
black ops 2 trailer break down

The latest Black Ops 2 trailer has shown off loads of new features. Things like robot spider bugs, new attack drones, jet wing backpack and cloaking outfits. There’s also some new info on locations and characters. Let’s pick it all a part and see what we can find.

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