Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 review

Huge scale battles are the game's main selling point.

In just the prologue mission alone for Warriors Orochi 3 I defeated over two thousand enemies. Within a few hours, tens of thousands of soldiers and demons had perished, unable to stand up to the ferocious might of my square button. And that’s what this game is all about: numbers and scale.

For anyone who’s never played a Warriors Orochi game, the series was born out of a cross-breeding of two of Tecmo Koei’s other interests: the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors franchises. As such much of the DNA is shared, and to some extent the gameplay is well-worn and simplistic. But while your square and triangle buttons will take a fair pasting, there ‘s a tad more variety than initially meets the eye as various special, counter and team attacks all need to be utilized as you face off against enemy numbers that are never less than ridiculously overwhelming.

Warriors orochi 3 PS3 reviewYou go into each battle with three playable characters, and can swap between each with a tap of the shoulder buttons. This means it’s possible to chain ‘switch combos’ (where you flick between characters immediately after an attack), or even triple-team super attacks. But what gives the fights in WO3 their appeal is not the combat intricacies, but rather the need to manage the battlefield.

Each mission takes places on a large map and objectives constantly shift, so you may be halfway towards defeating an invading enemy when you’re called to provide support to an ailing ally. Initially this is slightly confusing – largely because the signposting isn’t great, and if you happen to miss a bit of on-screen text you might not know what the most pressing objective is – but once you’re into the swing of things the multitasking becomes enjoyable.

It’s also a rarity to be in battles of such vast scale, battling against literally hundreds of enemies at once while your own troops provide willing (but fairly pathetic) support. Grunts go down with one swish of your chosen weapon, but fighting the tougher commanders is a more enjoyable challenge. You know that scene in countless action films where the hero spots his nemesis across a crowded battlefield and they both run at each other as the war wages on around them? You can basically do that (imagining you’re Brad Pitt in Troy makes this even more fun, just so you know).