Uncharted: Fight For Fortune PS Vita review – Against the odds, Drake plays his cards right


Uncharted fight for fortune Ps vita review

Malibu and coke, ketchup and Salt & Vinegar Pringles, Anne Hathaway and Catwoman’s leathers: all unlikely pairings that turned out mighty tasty when you experienced them for the first time. Yet sometimes such thrown-together combos go horrendously awry (like a colleague’s ‘special’ mustard-on-bacon-rolls combo) – and ‘Magic: The Gathering meets our favourite loveable rogue’ could easily have turned out less Heston Blumenthal, more holy bloomin’ hell. Instead – thankfully – Uncharted: Fight For Fortune has created a compulsive little time-waster priced even cheaper than a tax-dodging caffeine provider’s flagship beverage.

Uncharted” Fight For Fortune PS Vita review

Using characters and artefacts from the series, the slick setup looks the part with Uncharted stylings, smooth animations and the less-popular spinning coin loading screen. As is the case with any tactical card game, the learning process is daunting, and Fight For Fortune doesn’t ease you in as gently as it could. Yet if you haven’t been sent running for the hills by the mere whisper of strategy, the first few matches teach you everything you need to know.

uncharted fight for fortune ps vita reviewAs usual with our treasure hunting mancrush, it’s all about gold. Fortune, earned from Fortune cards (see what they did there?), is used to buy Resources such as headshots and defence for your characters. Sully, Elena and co are picked from three Factions of Heroes, Villains and Mercenaries. With only a set number of Faction points, it’s essential to choose wisely, as each character has their own stats, as well as special moves that can be directed at enemy characters or the AI foe they shield. Those who enjoy Uncharted for its big bangs and set-pieces can turn the page now, but after a few satisfying victories (beating Doughnut Drake almost feels cruel) and some light-hearted humour, it’s easy to get sucked in.

Eagle-eyed Golden Abyss treasure fiends are at a distinct advantage here, as Fight For Fortune rewards your progress in its sister game with extra power-ups, making the whole thing significantly easier. That’s frustrating if you’re planning on playing online and haven’t picked up Golden Abyss, but it’s a fun way of sending you back to hunt down more shiny objects. A variety of modes and unlockables mean there are plenty of reasons to keep playing, especially as the action becomes more difficult and requires greater strategy.

Sadly the online mode is sluggish, and playing against friends is more laborious than it should be. Still, Bend evidently has a passion for the series, and – packed with trivia, and a novel new way to interact with the Uncharted universe – this is no lacklustre spin-off. It can’t match your love for Elena, but is a unique combination that deserves its place on your Vita. Especially at just £3.19.

Our Score

Score: 7