UFC Undisputed 3 PS3 review


No headbutt! No attack groin! No grab rope!’ If the three magic instructions of the Pride-era referee give you a nostalgic twang of the heartstrings and a manly tear in your eye, you may as well stop reading and trip giddily to the shops now: this is the game you wanted when PS2’s awful Pride FC came out, and it’s fantastic. Everyone else: have a seat, and I’ll explain why.

Think of a sport you like that’s brilliant now, but also comes with a golden era that’s never been done justice in polygon format. Now imagine you could take the rules, characters, music, announcers, and atmosphere of that version and mash them into the modern era. That game you’ve just created is how Undisputed 3 makes fight fans feel.

Bas Rutten (you might remember him from GTA IV’s TV channels) and Stephen Quadros do the commentary with their trademark lunatic banter, Lenne Hardt does the introductory screaming, fights happen in a ring and you can stamp on someone’s face when they’re on the floor.

There are even Pride and UFC versions of fighters who’ve been in both organisations, so you can play as prime-era Wanderlei Silva without being hampered by the modern version’s terrible chin-stats. In cricket terms, that’s like watching WG Grace cart Flintoff around the park, or in Tiger Woods terms it’s like playing a game when Tiger Woods was good.

UFC Undisputed 3 PS3 review