Twisted Metal review

twisted metal

The year is 1996. The Spice Girls are murdering the eardrums off the entire nation. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum have just saved Earth from gigantic alien spaceships. And, most significantly, a little PS1 game called Twisted Metal is proving fairly popular.

Fast forward 16 years, and the car combat series finally pulls into the PS3 car park, complete with the same stab-happy cover star clown. Floppy footed killers just never go out of fashion.

What has gone out of season are games centred around tooled-up vehicles smashing each other to metallic mush. But stuffed to the spiky hubcaps with meaty duels, wanton destruction and deranged supermodels, Twisted Metal’s PS3 debut tries its damndest to bring vehicular violence back into vogue. And make no mistake: the cars are most definitely the stars here. Wait, a collection of death mobiles

spanning a horribly unwholesome ice cream van, a police wagon with a minigun on the grille and a giant wheel ‘o doom count as cars, right? Either way, each one is fitted with its own unique super weapon that gives the roster a real tactical, diverse flavour.

Do you take a punt on the slow but sturdy ice cream van that can transform into a 60 robot? Or perhaps I can interest sir in something in the way of a pickup truck that clamps cars before catapulting them at rivals.

A robust driving model backs up the feel good factor generated by these weapons (provided mowing Xmas shoppers in a winter wonderland-themed level tickles your happy place). Thanks to the most physics-defying powerslides this side of Riiidge Racer, handling is enjoyably throwaway.