Trine 2 PS3 review

Trine 2

Trine 2 – and its 2009 predecessor – is heavily indebted to old SNES game The Lost Vikings. No, not because it contains an award-winning spectrum of Norse facial hair, but because it’s a platform-puzzler that requires you to combine the abilities of three protagonists. And although the removal of super-manly beards is never a positive in any walk of life, Trine 2’s charm and beauty mean that it’s still a worthwhile nugget of PSN goodness.

It’s a slightly curious gameplay hybrid, with no one element standing out, but what does set the whole package apart is the visuals. Trine 2’s got an art style as gloriously distinctive as fellow pretty platformers Limbo and Braid, but the actual complexity of the visuals exceeds both, making this perhaps the best-looking download-only effort out there.

Lush environments are soaked in rich greens, pinks and purples, with light filtering through tree canopies or into shallow lakes. There are cityscapes, marshes, treehouses and more: whatever you’re doing, there’s always something sexy flinging its way towards your rods and cones.

And what you are doing, once again, is controlling a trio who’ve been summoned by the mysterious Trine – a sort of flying, glowing lamp – who brings them together on a quest to help a princess. The ‘why’ actually matters very little (you start off with none of the party actually knowing what they’re up to), but the plot plays out with some funny lines, nice voice acting and a comforting narrator who definitely has a white beard and hands out Werther’s Originals. But not in a weird way.


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