Sonic Generations review

Sonic Generations PS3 review

Here we go again – another Sonic game that promises much, is fun for 20 minutes and then turns out to be a massive letdown. Except…this isn’t like that. Not only is Generations a fitting celebration of the spiky one’s 20th birthday, it’s the best Sonic game in years.

The plot? Sonic’s having a knees-up in the woods with his familiar rag-tag bunch of mutated mammal chums, which is abruptly ended when an angry monster arrives and sends everyone flailing back in time.

Thankfully that’s as deep as the story gets, so to rescue his buddies he time-travels to a set of old haunts that have been cherry-picked from nine of the series’ previous games – stages such as the etched-into-our-brains Green Hill Zone from the original game and Sonic 2’s  treacherous Chemical Plant. It’d be easy to sully our childhood memories with rubbish remakes of these levels, but Generations hits the perfect sweet spot between familiar and contemporary.

Each act is a masterpiece of platform game design. Whether you’re playing it in the classic side-on 2D mode or the from-behind 3D mode (stages feature one of each), it’s sprawling and focused all at once, every pixel placed with the express purpose of making you go really, really fast.