Resistance: Burning Skies PS Vita review

Resistance Burning Skies PS Vita review screens

Resistance: Burning Skies PS Vita review

Super-fireman Tom Riley better have broad shoulders. Not only is he dealing with a serious case of Chimera-itis in 1950s NYC, he’s also stuck carrying the first ever dual-analogue FPS on a handheld.

Thankfully, said shoulders seem to be Bane-sized and take the strain remarkably well. Resistance: Burning Skies sees the arrival of the toothy buggers on the Eastern Seaboard. Riley, armed with his trusty axe and a combination of human and alien weaponry, joins a motley crew of survivors to try to keep the Big Apple from enemy clutches.

Visually it’s not quite at Uncharted: Golden Abyss level but, after a signature red and black propaganda-style opener, this nonetheless looks thoroughly impressive on Vita’s screen. Add in the satisfyingly solid control system and it’s instantly an enjoyably weighty and slick experience. An automatic cover mechanic is smoothly implemented, and the instantly rollicking pace means you hit the ground running.

Resistance Burning Skies PS Vita screensYou might have two sticks to coo over, but developer Nihilistic loses no time in reminding you of the ever-so-touchy nature of that OLED screen. Initially, a series of scratchy tutorial newsreels interrupt the story, teaching you the various ways to turn enemies to mush.

The melee option of Riley’s axe is a handy thumbprint away and grenade controls are intuitive – pick up, touch where you want it to go, boom – but the necessity of returning to the screen for important tasks such as drone control and raising a shield is tiresome. The majority of the touch controls become second nature, but a few consistently niggle.

While the controls insist on reminding you this is a handheld experience, the scope of the game thinks outside the Vita box with grand-scale combat and impressive settings. Enemy battles range from avoiding pint-sized monsters that explode like an acne sufferer in a vice, to taking down Predator-faced behemoths and hacking red eyed scuttlers to pieces.

The ways you send heads rolling are enjoyably varied, and the arsenal is displayed with a tap of triangle for the familiar Resistance weapon wheel. Once again, the advanced Chimeran Grey Tech can be used to upgrade your already outlandish weaponry but this is accompanied by another touch control mechanic – this one unnecessary.

Resistance Burning Skies PS Vita review screensIt’s worth nothing that multiplayer offerings sound promisingly solid, with three modes – survival, plus solo and team deathmatches – and six maps. The servers weren’t up at time of review, but we’ll revisit this area in a future issue.

Still, as a solo blaster Burning Skies delivers enjoyably splattery combat and a rollercoaster narrative. Its insistence on your covering the screen in fingerprints is occasionally frustrating, but otherwise this suggests a very bright future for the FPS genre on Vita.

Our Score

Score: 8