Reality Fighters PS Vita review – Cartoon augmented reality packs a punch


Reality Fighters ps vita review

You may not be a beautiful or unique snowflake, or indeed your grande latte, but you are someone who has the ability to wrap their face around a pixelated fighter and battle it out in an underground location of your choice, Brad Pitt-style. Thanks to Vita’s cameras and augmented-reality tech, it’s possible for your fighter to brawl on whatever surface you desire – be it table, toilet or golden retriever. It may appear gimmicky but it’s enjoyably hilarious, as well as a glossy demonstration of the power of Vita’s AR features.

Reality Fighters PS Vita review

Reality Fighter’s main draw is the creation of your very own Rocky Balboa. Your mentor, Keisuke Miyagi (yes, that’s Mister Miyagi to you), is your wise guide through the process of becoming the ultimate fighter. Combat earns you stars– used to buy clothing and accessories – as well as a variety of fighting styles and weaponry.

From boxer and ballerina to zombie and superhero, there are many – each with their own specialised moves and soundtracks. The frenzied Nutcracker Suite that belts out as your ballet fighter appears is one of the many lovely touches that make this far better than it deserves to be.

Arm said ballerina with a rubber chicken or a hamster wheel and the ridiculousness cranks up another notch. It’s no Soulcalibur, but the fighting style is fun – and combo moves are enjoyably satisfying as cartoon boxing rings appear and characters hurtle headfirst at the camera.

Throw down an augmented-reality card and the four gameplay options (story, survival, time attack and quick fight) will be right under your nose in your location of choice. It’s possible to place fighters without the card, but you won’t be able to take full advantage of panning and zooming the camera smoothly around the battling pair – or indeed the ability to make them six feet tall by creating your own card out of 20 sheets of A4, if you happen to have too much time on your hands. Crazy fighting wherever you like, personalised contestants and a knowing sense of humour make this far more fun than catching a fly with chopsticks.

Our Score

Score: 7