Rayman Origins PS Vita review

Rayman Origins PS Vita review

Well, it looks like Rayman has found the perfect home. And no, we don’t mean an arrangement of padded boxes for each of his disembodied appendages, however comfy that may sound. From the get-go, Origins is a feast for the eyes on Vita’s OLED screen – and a criminal amount of fun.

This is a direct port of the PS3 game, Ubisoft thankfully didn’t feel the need to cram in needless touch controls for the sake of it, which means you can mainline brightly coloured platforming without worrying about accidentally touching the back of your Vita – or leaving track marks. A helpful pinch-to-zoom feature on the front screen is about as far as touch controls go, and can be ignored entirely should you so wish.

Taking our bequiffed chum back to his side-scrolling 1995 roots, Origins is a pleasure for both newcomers and veterans of the series. It may be slightly baffling for some as Rayman nonchalantly boards a missile-firing mosquito but for others, it’ll just feel an awful lot like coming home.

Journeying through environments that are equally beautiful and hazardous, Rayman’s one-button combat set is oddly satisfying. As you earn signature moves, like the ever-useful hair helicopter and the inexplicable shrinking ability, you realise that this is the quintessential side scrolling platformer for Vita.

With quirky and inspired level design – you can jump on the stomachs of reclining monsters to create a spray of bile that happily float you to the next section – it’s a constant barrage of cartoon goodness for the eyes, ears and thumbs.

Rayman isn’t alone. In the quest to collect the Lums and Electoons scattered across the dangerous worlds, you can choose from a variety of characters in the pleasantly named Glade Of Dreams. So if you want to traverse polar ice caps and dodge spiky tangerines as a blue blob, then Globox is ever at your service.

Once you’ve got over the manly squee-ing at how glowy the fireflies are, there are plenty of secret Electoon cages to be found and time challenges to be met to make sure you’ll be back for more. A satisfying difficulty curve seals the deal and makes Rayman Origins one of the strongest titles in an already muscular line up. Not bad for a character without any arms.

Our Score

Score: 8