Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD PS Vita review – Vita guardian adds to the cannon

pixeljunk monsters ultimate hd

Tower defence games, like competition-level yo-yoing or dogging, are an activity you’re either drawn to or you’re not. If the idea of arranging cannons, anti-air turrets and Tesla coils to protect your (surprisingly tech-savvy) jungle-dwelling tribe from wave after wave of robots, Tiki Gods and those bastard little spiders who’ll haunt me until the grave doesn’t immediately hook its OCD-laced claws into you, it won’t matter that Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD is among the most accomplished of its ilk. You’re likely too busy planning your next dogging expedition.

Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD PS Vita review

However, if the defending of villagers makes your brain gently whisper, “Everything’s going to be okay, because the spiders can’t breach your mortar array,” there’s very little wrong with this improved version of Monsters. Not to be confused with the Encore and Deluxe editions, this Vita iteration features touchscreen controls, a plethora of new levels, and online play.

In terms of mechanics, it perches deftly on a knife edge of challenge, requiring Sun Tzu-level tactical prowess but always feeling achievable. When you fail, it’s always by an agonisingly small margin, and you’re convinced that if you just placed one tower differently it would have been a cakewalk. It lacks very little, then, this time-sapping tap-along. If you were determined to be critical, you’d point out that artistically it feels a bit iOS and struggles to achieve visual distinction within its genre – but that hardly seems in the spirit of the proposition here. Monsters has a humble ambition, and succeeds in it without making too much fuss.

Our Score

Score: 8