NeverDead PS3 review


Excuse me while I channel my inner Queen Of Hearts… “Off with his head!” Although, in Never Dead’s case, it’s ‘off with his bloody everything’. In these days of super-safe military shooters, it’s nice to see a game go out on a limb – alright, all of its limbs – and try something new. And for all its rough edges, this silly slasher can at least claim the crown of being the only PS3 game to let you control a decapitated, unkillable bonce.

Essentially a madcap amalgamation of Devil May Cry’s gunplay and Max Payne’s swan-diving, Never Dead puts you in the seedy shoes of Bryce Boltzmann. He’s a freelance slayer of demons, aspiring alcoholic and – most importantly – a dude who’s as indestructible as a T-1000 and Road Runner combined.

Immortality obviously has its benefits. Aside from living to see PlayStation 14 and Uncharted 45: Great, Great Grandson Of Drake’s Fortune, Bryce can lose all his limbs and carry on his monster-murdering. A good thing too, because Never Dead’s array of vicious freaks love to treat you like an all-you-can-eat appendage buffet.

Still, there’s little to sweat about when you can simply roll over your detached body parts and reassemble yourself like a tiny, fleshy Iron Giant. In genuinely funny scenes, you can even collect your arms before your body to transform yourself into a shooty severed cranium with pistol-packing biceps sprouting from your temples.

So when your foes pose no real threat, you’d think the game would be ridiculously easy, right? Not so. The rub is, though Bryce is immortal, he’s chummed around by a very killable woman called Arcadia. Let her perish and it’s game over, man. Mercifully, your sidekick’s the sort who puts the ‘grghh’ in girl (if you can’t spell for toffee) and during most battles she happily shoots herself out of harm’s way.