Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PS3 review

Mortal kombat arcade kollection ps3 psn review 3

On to MKII. This one really stepped the series up, adding six new playable fighters, more special moves, kombo moves, babalities and a wider array of normal attacks. It’s quicker, slicker and more fun, but just as challenging. It’s also violent in ways that only ’90s titles could be. It effectively nullifies the inclusion of the original in this – sigh – Kollection, because it’s very much more of the same, only better.

That’s a trend that continues into the third in the trilogy. A blasphemous sentiment at the time, such was the backlash against new characters over old, but since you’re getting MKII here as well, it’s no biggie. This time there’s a run button to balance out the advantage in defending, and even more special moves. The AI still ruthlessly nails you, but at least it uses a wider repertoire to do so.

Mortal kombat arcade kollection ps3 psn review 3

However good this trilogy was, it feels odd bundling it together because the games are such incremental upgrades of one another. It’d be like releasing FIFA 07, 08 and 09 – you only need to play the latest, most refined title. There’s been a token effort in presentation – including spinning arcade machines to represent the title you want to play, and those filter effects – but as a package it’s generally underwhelming.


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Score: 6