Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PS3 review

Mortal Kombat  Arcade Kollection

You can count the new content of this neatly packed MK trilogy on one hand of a Simpsons character, but that isn’t really the point. You didn’t come for the Photoshopped visual effects or the widescreen stretch mode. No, you’re here to relive the nostalgia of so many misspent Saturday mornings cursing Shao Kahn’s name and chomping through controller cables in a tantrum. In a good way.

And you will relive that, because each of these games is just as merciless as it ever was. Maybe even more so today, when we’ve become used to increasingly tactical beat-’em-ups with anti-infinite chaining measures.

Mortal kombat arcade kollection ps3 psn review

Let’s start with 1992’s Mortal Kombat. Seven fighters at your disposal, each with a paltry selection of special moves that they guilelessly spam at you. If you’re hit up into the air, they juggle you there at higher difficulty levels until you fall to the ground dead. If you’re crouching, they flit either side of you, clipping health off each time until you… fall to the ground dead.

It takes an awfully long time to break this cycle and win your first match, because this original MK plays so damn differently to modern fighters. Your Liu Kangs have pretty much the same reach and speed of your Sub-Zeros, and while it appears to be quicker-paced than PS3 titles, it actually rewards slower play. It’s faithfully recreated, but extremely limited in the cold light of 2012.