Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS Vita review – the Dark Knight fails


Let’s plug into the Bat-computer and do some number crunching. Your Vita has a 2Ghz quad core processor. It shows off a staggering 133 million polygons per second on that OLED screen, and has 512 MB of RAM, which means it can play a 15 hour Uncharted campaign without even breaking a sweat. Well, like you, it might need some juice once or twice but that’s not the point. It’s the most powerful handheld games console on the planet and yet for your hard earned cash, TT Games hands over the 3DS version of Lego Batman 2.

The first thing that hits you like a small plastic batarang in the retina is the quality of the cut-scenes. As the opener swooped down over Gotham I thought my screen needed a good clean. Dark and fuzzy visuals ruin what I thankfully already know are the funniest, most entertaining cinematics to appear in a Lego game. At points I was fully expecting to see a silhouette pop up on their way to the toilet. The basic story is still here but it’s been hacked into disappointing shreds with only a glimmer of the delights of its console counterpart.

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes PS ScreensThankfully, as you send Batman and Robin into action, gameplay is crisp and clear and it’s a relief to see the Lego charm firmly in place. Yet amongst the stud collecting, a crippling AI problem leaves your buddy lagging behind just when you need him the most. Superman becomes distinctly-average-man as he lingers defiantly next to an already completed puzzle. Combat multipliers are absent but slo-mo finishing move animations are entertaining enough. That is until you have seen Batman explode thugs into studs over and over again as the tiny levels are packed with enemies to desperately pad them out.

That open world I raved about in the PS3 Lego Batman 2 review? Gone. In its place to placate/enrage you is Justice League Mode which unlocks when the painfully short 4/5 hour story is complete. Five combat maps appear for you to play as a variety of Justice League members and take down goons.

Not unlike Arkham City’s Challenge Maps, you can earn bronze, silver and gold trophies dependent on how many times you die and how many studs you collect. It’s repetitive work and only trophy whores will linger for any length of time. As a whole, this is a step back for the series and an insult to those who know that Vita and Gotham deserve more. This is not the Batman game that you need.

Our Score

Score: 5