Just Dance 3 PS3 review

just dance 3 ps3 review

If Just Dance 3 was another girl on a nightclub dancefloor, I’d probably be a bit intimidated by her. I can practically feel her derision seeping from the TV as I awkwardly flail my limbs, Move controller in hand, in an attempt to emulate the steps shown on-screen. ‘Okay’ – and sometimes the occasional ‘good’, but practically never a ‘perfect’ – is all she offers me by way of encouragement. Yes, I was already aware of the fact that I dance like an unco-ordinated octopus trying to find a misplaced set of keys. But screw her: I’m enjoying myself.

The joyously ’80s interface – all neon colours and snazzy dancewear – offers a good variety of tunes, from Katy Perry’s California Gurls through to The Sugarhill Gang’s Apache (Jump On It). One skipping point on the record, though, is the fact that out of the 49 songs included on the disc, a decent handful are such leftfield choices you’re unlikely to know them.

The gameplay is familiar if you’ve played any other dance title: grab a Move and start to, well, move. Timing your actions correctly earns you ‘Mojo stars’, which in turn unlock extra tracks and game modes. Most fun among the latter is Simon Says, in which you start playing a track in the usual fashion, but are then randomly given extra elements (clapping, doing twirls, stopping dead) to weave in without losing your rhythm. It makes for a nice twist on the established formula.

Obviously it’s more fun with friends, so down a few Bacardi Breezers, form a solemn pact never to speak of the embarrassment in public and make like the kids from Fame. Some of the songs are specifically choreographed for groups or duos, with each player taking a separate part and facing off, SingStar-style. Chances are, by halfway through the song you’ll be cackling so hard that you’ll find it difficult to finish.

We may as well be clear on this: you will kiss your dignity goodbye simply by opening the box, but that’s half the fun. After all, who doesn’t love busting an exuberant groove to A-ha’s Take On Me with all the grace and style of a toddler at a wedding disco?

Our Score

Score: 7