Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 review – Superhero scrapper isn’t quite in a Justice League of its own

injustice gods among us ps3 review

My Dad could beat up your Dad. Pfft. Well, my Batman could kick the Kryptonite out of your Superman’s ass. Touche. This uncomplicated superhero scuffle ‘em up has such an easily indefinable central charm. Namely, it lets you recreate the fantasy face-offs you always dreamt of while tucking into your Wonderwoman-branded pack lunch.

Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 review

Just don’t expect to dine at Chez Street Fighter. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a greasy spoon of a fighter. Uncluttered four button combos prop up the fatty meat of these DC Comics heroes’ move sets. Half a dozen special powers then supplement the no-nonsense serving (pulled off by hitting two directions on the left stick in conjunction with either x, square or triangle). It’s a simple system, meaning you’ve got more chance of finding Alfred flogging knock-off Batarangs outside Wayne Manor than seeing 30-hit juggle combos or advanced frame-cancelling here.

injustice gods among us ps3 reviewWhat NeverRealm’s brawler lacks in depth, it more than makes up for in unashamed theatricality. Each of the 24 heroes and villains has a screen-dominating Super Move stored in the dark nether regions of their capes. A three tier super meter powers these health bar-decimating manoeuvres. You can either use said power to beef up your normal signature moves with a little special hurt sauce or fill the meter completely to unleash your character’s party piece bout-ender.

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The developer is well-versed in crafting imaginative, limb-smashing finishers after its work on 2011’s Mortal Kombat reboot. While the array of Super Moves won’t throw your gore puppy a bone like that game’s grizzly Fatalities, they’re no less memorable. Personally, I’d rather see Aquaman summon a tsunami that brings forth a peckish great white shark than watch Sub Zero use liquid Nitrogen to Terminator 2 Scorpion into tiny bits.

There’s still plenty of violence on show, too. Take The Joker pelting his rivals with a straight shot magnum execution or Green Lantern whisking his enemies to an alien moon before splatting them between two conjured-up buses. Owie!

Wagers layer another level of complexity. Once you’ve taken a certain amount of damage, you’re able to gamble what remains of your super meter against your opponent’s

Wagers also layer on another level of complexity to encounters. Once you’ve taken a certain amount of damage, you’re able to gamble what remains of your super meter against that of your opponent’s. Bet the farm and risk all of your remaining juice and there’s a strong chance you’ll win the ensuing showdown and come out the other end with a topped up wad of health.

Play it more carefully and lose, though, and you could well play your fellow fighter back into the match with a risk-favouring lifeline. It’s an appropriately randomised system that helps keep battles pleasingly unpredictable in their closing stages.