inFamous Festival Of Blood Review

inFamous 2 Festival Of Blood review

It’s Pyre Night (Sucker Punch’s version of Halloween) in New Marais, the streets are full of revellers doing their best skeleton impressions and the Twilight express has rolled into town. Fortunately, instead of being loaded up with brooding teenagers obsessed with ‘feelings’, it brings a new threat to the city: vampires.

The most noteworthy of these is Bloody Mary who, after giving Cole a nasty lovebite and turning him into a nightwalker, must be turned to dust before sunrise or Cole will be transformed forever.

The good news is that as well as wielding a modified Amp and gaining a host of new melee moves, bloodsucker Cole has a new set of powers at his disposal.

Holding R2 activates ‘Vampire vision’ – which will feel instantly familiar to anyone who’s played Arkham City – and allows Cole to easily identify who’s among the living and who needs a stake to the heart.

It’s a skill you’ll have to master quickly, as one of the early missions tasks you with identifying ten demons in a crowded park.

Holding ‘up’ on the D-pad activates the most enjoyable new addition, transmogrifying Cole into a swarm of bats and enabling free flight around the city in first-person for a limited time.

The only downside to this is that it can only be recharged by feasting on the living – but hey, sacrifices have to be made. However, all of these new abilities don’t make the killing easy, and some bigger demons take a lot of damage before they succumb to the pointy stick.

inFamous: Festival Of Blood

The main campaign takes around three hours to complete – which is a shame, because there’s scope for a much bigger experience. That said, there’s a whole host of side-missions and an unlimited supply of new user-generated content to extend the playtime.

It’s rare to see a piece of DLC that’s crafted with such care and attention to detail, and given that it’s a standalone title, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sink your teeth into it. 

Our Score

Score: 8