Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 review

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 review

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 review

GRAW! Huh. Yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely… giving you a really po-faced squad shooter in the brownest environments this side of Homer’s dreamt-up Land Of Chocolate. While the old Ghost Recons were technically adept, they badly needed injecting with 50cc of sodium fun-oxide, STAT. If Tom Clancy’s past spectres were frowny-faced ghouls, though, Future Soldier is part Bond, Batman and Mission: Impossible wrapped inside a Slimer-shaped, loveably outrageous shell.

The last time we were with the Ghosts, the four-man team were partaking in various activities down Mexico way. Sadly, these revolved around trying to recover WMDs rather than getting off their grizzled faces on Tijuana’s finest tequila. Now events have been shunted 15 years into the future, with a globe-hopping adventure that ditches any semblance of a coherent plot to let you muck around with toys so advanced they make Tony Stark look like Data from The Goonies.

And that’s what elevates Future Solider over almost every cover-based shooter on PS3 that doesn’t involve a klepto treasure-nicker: the futuristic gadgets. Ghost Recon titles always sported sleek HUDs and fancy firearms, but they’ve got nowt on this new recruit.

From sensor grenades that highlight nearby enemies so you can see and shoot them through walls, flying UAVs that can scout the terrain ahead or Predator-aping stealth camo, each tool is both vital to progressing through levels and a ruddy hoot to use. Looking at the game’s exhaustive grouping of terrorist-kiboshing kit you’d think the Dark Knight had taken over the US Army and made the contents of the Bat Cave standard-issue military gear.

What makes each gadget such a pleasure to use is how seamlessly they synch up with the game’s series of well-structured missions set across visually diverse environments. Take a fraught covert jaunt through an African shanty town enveloped in a ferocious sandstorm.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 reviewWith visibility reduced to feet at times, you have to use a combination of the Magnetics view (kinda like the Arkham titles’ Detective mode) and your light-bending camouflage to progress. Trailing a war criminal, you’re told you can’t alert his cronies to your presence, and are thus forced to take down a town’s worth of heavily armed militia in silence.

Thanks to your squad’s ace sync shots, mind, this isn’t as daunting a task as you’d fear. With the ability to paint targets for your buddies to shoot, you can stack up to four shots at once, then unleash a torrent of death with a squeeze of R2.