Everybody’s Golf PS Vita review

Everybody's Golf 2

If you didn’t know what to expect from an Everybody’s Golf game…well, it’s a wonder where you’ve been for the past 15 years. But if this handheld version is your first exposure, then you’re likely to be confused. Happy, possibly – what with all the bright colours and smiling people – but mostly confused.

There are clubs, balls and well-landscaped areas, but it looks more like you’ve stumbled across the Dragon Ball Z kids during some well-deserved leisure time than something Tiger Woods would lend his likeness to.

But never be fooled by EG’s surface: while it may appear to be more Brighton beach crazy golf than the TPC at Sawgrass, this is deep and nuanced (even if it does feature power shots that give the ball a tail of fire as it flies). It’s long been the connoisseur’s choice for fairway botherers, and it’s a perfect fit for Vita.

It looks excellent – clean and crisp, with only the most minor of texture issues and clipping affecting the backgrounds of an eclectic range of courses. Plus, 18 holes can be ploughed through while you wait outside the boss’s office for your latest disciplinary.

It also plays exactly as you’d hope, and doesn’t try to complicate things with mandatory gyroscope control or rear touchscreen antics. There are two control schemes, but both are classic ‘time button-taps to set power and accuracy’, and as you unlock better characters and clubs you can also impart draws and fades, and put some serious spin on your shots.

The difficulty curve is satisfying, and longevity comes from a huge selection of unlockables, ranging from those crucial club upgrades to bizarre curios like silent mascots who sit in the title menu. The structure of the vs mode isn’t quite as satisfying as in past iterations – rather than being able to challenge people in turn, you now face them at the end of a sequence of tournaments.

But you’ll still happily lose hours to a version of one of PlayStation’s best sports series that never feels scaled-down, all while gloriously cheery music plays in the background.

Our Score

Score: 7