Eufloria HD PS Vita review – Didn’t quite grow on us

Eufloria HD PS Vita

When you hear the term ‘asteroids’ chances are you default to memories of a tiny spaceship drifting through space blasting hunks of rock apart and dodging the splintering retro debris. Eufloria HD drops you into a series of asteroid fields, but instead of getting trigger happy, your goal is to colonise them using airborne seedlings. Some levels require you to occupy every asteroid, while others have you focus on reaching a single key asteroid and wresting control of it from the grey seedlings holding it captive.

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Eufloria HD PS Vita review

Since Eufloria originally launched on the PC, it was never designed to make use of a traditional controller layout. Instead a touchscreen-only control scheme serves as a remarkably elegant stand-in for the pointing and clicking of a computer mouse.

Eufloria HD PS Vita

Eufloria HD’s puzzling sees you trying to colonise asteroids with a range of seed types.

Seedlings are both your troops and your currency. Tapping on an asteroid you control will bring up icons. Spend ten seedlings to plant a tree and spawn additional seed-based ammo. Drag your finger from a selected asteroid to a neighbouring one to send your cloud of seedlings to occupy it. Similar to fog of war in other RTS games, you can’t see enemies inhabiting a neighbouring asteroid until you finally send a seedling there. As you progress you unlock new varieties with strength, energy and speed traits.

RTS fans will find the strategic
possibilities rewarding, but the
languid pace and uninspiring
visuals make it easy to lose interest

Eufloria’s humble indie roots can be seen in the crude visual design. This ain’t a handsome specimen, even by mobile-gaming standards. Asteroids are represented by circles polka-dotting an empty background – the only thing that morphs is the colour palette. Seedlings look more like swarming midges than seeds. RTS fans will find the deep strategic possibilities rewarding, but the languid pace and uninspiring visuals make it easy to lose interest.


Our Score

Score: 6