Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two PS Vita review – Falling into a mouse trap

Epic Mickey 2 move

The most frustrating thing about this 3D puzzle-platformer? How good it could have been. With the House Of Mouse licence and Warren ‘Deus Ex’ Spector at the helm, old big ears’ Vita debut ought to have been ace – and fragments of a good game do shine through at points. Sadly, other frustrations hold it back by its giant lugholes. I’ll get to those in a moment.

Epic Mickey 2:  The Power Of Two PS Vita review

The core mechanic of creating and destroying objects by splashing paint and thinner at them with a magical brush is a neat one, assigned to the triggers and the touchscreen. It’s used best in some of the more traditional platforming sections, in which you’re running and jumping in 2.5D, colouring in and erasing your path so you can progress. The full-fat cutscenes are glossy, too, and their songs feel typically Disney-cheery in tone.

But, like its console big brother, Epic Mickey 2’s promise is let down by its execution. Aiming on the right stick is jerky and clumsy, yet spending too long pawing at the screen obscures your view. The camera can be dodgy, and some of the repeated dialogue swiftly grates. While a buddy can hop in to take control of the Lucky Rabbit in co-op, if you’re playing solo there’s no Lego games-esque character-switching mechanic, so you often feel like you’re only doing part of a puzzle. What’s more, sometimes Oswald fails to pick up on when he’s needed, meaning you need to spray the blighter with paint to get his attention and provoke a reaction. It all adds to an experience that’s more jarring than joyous, and a sad case of what might have been.

Our Score

Score: 6