Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PSN review

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PSN review

If movie tie-ins get a bad rep then TV games are the family member that everyone tries to forget about until the inevitable Christmas card guilt trip. Depressingly, the eleventh Doctor’s outing doesn’t really break the mould, no matter how much good intention is scrawled across the screen.

From the moment the Doctor parks the Tardis within the Bank of England in modern day London, he starts a rollercoaster of brilliantly ridiculous Who plotting that could only have easily worked in the actual TV series.

If you are looking for perception filters, vortex manipulators, as well as a healthy dose of hallucinogenic lipstick and a horde of insider references, you’ve come to the right place. With the vocal talents of Matt Smith and the excellent Alex Kingston as the creakily PVC clad River Song, it instantly feels like an interactive episode which is, of course, every Who fan’s dream.

The first disappointment however is that this is simply a glorified side scroller. Timelords only seem to be able to run left and right. And occasionally forwards and backwards when a switching camera angle allows it. The environments are beautifully created and there’s hordes of detail though, which only makes it feel more tragic that it all controls like an iOS title.

Some levels make the most of the set up – River Song’s escape from the prison containment facility is an often joyous piece of stealth action. Sneaking up behind guards, you dart in and out of darkened doorways as you try to get close enough to perform a stealth kiss. One well placed peck and you leave them with stars spinning around their heads – perhaps Agent 47 could try this trick?

Yet even this sequence is bogged down by unpredictable AI and the persistently strict adherence to one plane. Even a Sackboy-style layering system would be better.