Crysis 3 PS3 review – Stealthy shooter will suits you, sir

Like Big Willie in Men In Black, you should prepare yourself for the last suit you’ll ever wear. Well, at least when it comes to controlling an eight-foot-tall supersoldier who looks like a shaved silverback. Prophet’s wardrobe ain’t exactly Elton-esque, but when his clobber lets you invisibly stalk hordes of aliens and punt a jeep with your big toe, you won’t be calling the blues in this stealthy, satisfying shooter.

Crysis 3 PS3 review

Getting Nanosuited and booted is what elevates Crysis 3 above the majority of PS3’s FPS crop. There’s no question Crytek’s technically stunning take on an apocalyptically ruined New York courts Michael Fassbender levels of dashing good looks. The game also offers a robust package, with the (admittedly overly short) campaign backed up by truly excellent online multiplayer. But it’s that iconic armour that leaves the most lasting impression, as it lends Crysis 3’s firefights constant scope for enjoyable improvisation.

Wait, New York again? If you’re thinking ‘so far, so very Crysis 2’, you’d be partially right. While it’s true your suit powers haven’t really evolved from the last game, the environments you interact with definitely have. Forget the Big Apple. Try the ‘Humongous Greenhouse’ on for size. Returning from the original game, Laurence Barnes’ trip through NY is like a particularly murdery episode of Gardeners’ World. With the City that Never Sleeps going all I Am Legend, the expansive, foliage-filled streets of the city make Crysis 3’s combat feel much more open than Alcatraz’s adventure.

Set 24 years after its predecessor, the series’ evil CELL corporation has encased most of Manhattan inside its Liberty Dome. Think the giant bowl in the Simpsons flick… sadly minus Spider Pig. The slightly bastardised sci-fi setting lets Crysis 3 combine the first game’s open-ended tropical jungles with the second title’s more structured concrete playgrounds, leading to urban rainforests that capture the best of both environments.

Hold all the horses, though. Just how paltry is that single-player offering I mentioned earlier. Eh, ‘pretty damn’ is the sad-faced answer. I clocked the campaign in exactly four hours, 55 minutes and 40 seconds, making Crysis 3 shorter than the offspring of Danny DeVito and Wee Jimmy Krankie (what a looker that kid would be). Even briefer than Black Ops II, it’s hard not to feel slightly short-changed by Prophet’s brisk jaunt through the Big Apple.