Costume Quest review

Costume Quest review

It’s hard to pick the coolest thing about Halloween. Is it the sickening number of sweets? Dribbly plastic vampire teeth? Or the ability to turn into a giant robot and shoot rocket fists at frog-monsters? If you’re playing Costume Quest, it’s the last one. Although a bag of sweets would be ace too, if you’re offering.

In this latest offering from the two parts genius to one parts crackers mind of Tim ‘Psychonauts/Monkey Island’ Schafer, you control Wren or Reynold – two bickering siblings out trick or treating on Halloween. It goes wrong when your bro or sis – dressed like a stick of candy – gets nabbed by monsters after being mistaken for an outsize talking sweetie.

When you attempt to rescue them, you discover that a witch named Drusilla is using her army of grubbins to empty every house of candy for some nefarious, tooth-rotting purpose. Couldn’t she just magic her own sweets? Lazy.

In order to progress through each stage and get your relative back undigested, you must visit every house and fill your grab-bag with goodies. Certain areas can only be accessed with the right costume, so patterns for new outfits with unique special abilities need to be collected.

The laser sword from the space warrior will help guide you through darkened corridors and the skate shoes on the robot enable you to boost heroically over obstacles. The quests are all wrapped together tighter than a paranoid mummy’s money belt, so it never feels like tiresome grinding.