Cloudberry Kingdom PS3 review – Platforming by artificial malevolence

As hero names go, ‘Bob’ is never going to be up there with the likes of Wolfgang Hammerfist, but we’ll have to make do. And Bob’s heroic debut comes in the form of an old-school style platformer – we’re talking one-hit deaths, rescuing princesses and chasing high scores – but with one key difference: AI-designed levels that are constantly tailored to suit your level of skill.

Cloudberry Kingdom PS3 review

You have the choice of ‘The’ Arcade Mode — I don’t know what’s so definitive about it – or Story Mode. The former includes for gameplay types, including named Escalation and Time Crisis – though sadly no lightguns to be seen. Story Mode is similar, but features just an essence of damsel in distress plot to set it apart. The controls are pleasingly responsive and the hazard layout seems to reward the player for throwing both caution and Bob to the wind and going all out in a ‘dude, hold my beer…’ moment.

It’s all about setting high scores on Arcade Mode, with coins to collect (although confusingly for the citizens of Cloudberry, the coins look more like crystals) and every fifty levels earning you a checkpoint to jump back to where you left off. There are numerous appearance options, however facial hair is compulsory – Bob hates clean shaves – and there are also different forms of travel to unlock including a detached carousel horse known as Bouncy and a Temple Of Doom inspired miner’s cart with a rocket strapped to the back for some Jeremy Clarkson style POW-EERR.

Every fifty – that’s *5-0* - levels earns you a checkpoint to jumpback to where you left off

This is a fairly immersive and rewarding experience, but more variety would help keep you hooked. The AI generated levels do make Cloudberry an interesting place, but the princess might have to wait a little longer than expected for you and Bob to get around to rescuing her.


Our Score

Score: 7