Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger PS3 review – Six-shooting at the okay corral

You could be forgiven for giving this return to the Wild West a wide berth in the wake of 2011’s downright dreadful The Cartel. But while nobody could accuse this £11.99 PSN offering of being smart or original, like a fancy-dress night out in an animal onesie it still provides plenty of act-first-think-later thrills.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger PS3 review

Ex-bounty hunter Silas Greaves is regaling a crowd in a bar with the tall tales of his notorious past, when he clicked spurs with the likes of Billy The Kid and Jesse James, and his narration provides the excuse for multiple pleasing snippets of shooty gameplay. Your path through the comic book-esque landscape is linear as a ruler, but this isn’t a game deeply rooted in exploration.

No, this is about making the bad cowboys go dead in satisfyingly squelchy fashion with Dynamite, functioning as old-school grenadesDynamite is also in there, functioning as old-school grenades. Levels are essentially shooting galleries, with scores of pop-up goons in Stetsons to nail with headshots, and combos to help you rack up high scores.

Concentration mode – activated with a tap of R2 – is Dead Eye by another name, but duels do add some enjoyable originality. Using the right stick, you keep a reticule centred on your foe’s face to zoom in, while the left has your hand hovering in prime position over your boomstick. The split-second your foe reaches for their weapon (but not before, lest you want to be branded dishonourable), draw and blast them. And after all, the Milkybar Kid would be so ashamed of you if you lost your honour. Just imagine how sad that would be.

Accurate depiction of the American West it may not be (although finding Nuggets Of Truth uncovers fact cards, so, y’know, education) but simple, arcadey fun is on offer if you approach this on its own, rather silly terms.

Our Score

Score: 7