Blacklight: Retribution PS4 review – Overpriced even at £0.00

Few games dare to dabble in magic, so Blacklight Retribution’s big trick is quite the sight to behold: Load it up, drop into a match and – ta-daaa! – you’d never guess you were playing a next-gen shooter.

Blacklight: Retribution PS4 review

Retribution is the first series entry since 2010’s lacklustre Tango Down, choosing to drop any price tag in favour of a new microtransaction system, although prices are steep, so grinding is necessary to avoid overdraft-bruising outlay. Sadly, its aspirations are nowhere near as grand as, say, Dust 514’s. It’s a plain blaster, undermined by bugs that range from textures refusing to load to respawning issues that leave you in an a perpetual spectator mode.

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Some of the weapons and gadgets – including the returning Hyper Reality Visor2 which reveals player locations through walls, at the expense of unequiping your weapon – are rewarding to use, but Retribution does little else to make itself stand out on a platform already accustomed to a high benchmark for online shooters. There’s customisation depth that enables you to build a theoretically perfect weapon, but the cost of improvements take a sizeable chunk out of your time and bank balance.

Blacklight Retribution’s free-to-play PS4 model lets you buy or hire items you don’t want to grind for.

In its defence, Retribution is free to play – so while it can’t compete with Killzone Shadow Fall, that’s an unfair expectation to begin with. But it’s still a PS4 release, and in this regard feels like a grubby stowaway that’s snuck aboard a glitzy cruise liner bound for the golden shores of next-gen. Other gratis titles such as War Thunder prove lack of price tag doesn’t justify a lack of quality. Meaning Retribution has a long way to go to prove itself worthy of your time and, eventually, cash.

Our Score

Score: 5