Babel Rising PSN review

Babel Rising PSN review

We’ve had tower defence, tower offence (see the excellent Rock Of Ages), and now ‘whatever you do don’t let them build that enormous tower’ can be added to the genre list. A god-game that very gently roots itself in the Old Testament account of the tower of Babel, your aim is simply to stop the heathens completing their edifice that “reaches to the heavens”.

It differs in to the biblical account in a few key details – presumably throwing massive fireballs was considered a more appealing gameplay mechanic than scattering people across the earth – and, despite a light-hearted approach and some enjoyable moments, is a disappointingly bland execution of an interesting premise.

For those with holes in their Genesis knowledge (tut tut, back to Sunday school with you), the people of the earth contrived to build a tower up into the skies in order to solidify their existence in the wake of the great flood. What this translates to here is little lemming-style humans waddling around on screen carrying materials towards a central tower. When they reach it a new section is put in place and the construction moves nearer completion.

As the overwatching deity, it’s your job to stop this threatening project. Which you do by using four elements (wind, earth, water and fire – we’re presuming heart was busy), a pair of which can be selected for each level, and each of which comes with two attacks and a grand special moves.These are aimed using the analogue sticks or (preferably) a Move controller, and take the forms of singular attacks, such as throwing rocks or lightning bolts, or area effects like fire walls or rifts in the ground.

It works well and is reasonably enjoyable at first as cartoon underlings are crushed by your mighty powers. The difficulty eventually ramps up the challenge, and special characters like element-immune priests are there to shake things up. It only partially works though, and overly long missions and an objective that gets stale too quick stops this building anything impressive on its solid foundation.


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Score: 6