Arcania: The Complete Tale PS3 review – Closer to orc-ful than awesome

Arcania: The Complete Tale PS3 review

Although it feels that way when the alarm goes off at 7am, I’m pretty certain I don’t sleep with my arms and half of my head clipped into the bed. But then again, I’m not a character in Arcania: The Complete Tale. A showcase for PS3’s visuals this ain’t – textures take up to a second to pop in, too, even at close range. While this 2010 third-person role-player – the fourth in the previously PC-based Gothic series – may have a fairly solid base in terms of gameplay, it isn’t built upon with any flair.

Arcania: The Complete Tale PS3 review

You play as a nameless hero, who sets off on a hunt for vengeance after the king’s forces raze his village and kill his pregnant fiancée in the process. It does make for a fair amount of ‘fetch this’ and ‘kill X beasties’ missions, but the environments are enjoyable to explore. NPCs dole out side-quests, too, which further encourage this. At one point, for instance, you’re amusingly sent out to recover a lost wooden leg – all its owner can remember is that it’s somewhere that “smells of smoke and goblin piss”.

It’s simply not enough to lift Arcania
to the level of other open-world RPGs

Combat unfolds at an engaging enough clip, combining melee, archery and magic. The former is largely a case of hammering Square to attack, but timing dodges adds an extra layer of skill. It’s simply not enough to lift Arcania to the level of other, more recent open-world RPGs, though, especially when the already absurdly wooden voice acting is sometimes marred with bugs. Although at £25 this is a great-value bundle packed with content – including 2011 expandalone Fall Of Setarrif – whether your interest will be held long enough for you to experience all of it is another matter altogether.


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Score: 5