The GTA V trailer in real life, gamer takes on The Stig at Gran Turismo 6, and the animators behind those creepy Lloyds TSB ads are making a Vita game – PlayStation round up

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at 03:35pm July 1 2014
gta v

Today is all about blurring the lines between reality and videogames. Over in Spain, a group of extraordinarily talented film makers have recreated the GTA V trailer shot-for-shot, while at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, gamer Krisztian Somodi put his GT6 skills to the test by racing former Stig Ben Collins up the famous Hill Climb course – Collins was driving a Ford Focus ST while Somodi turned the virtual wheel. And finally those twisted minds behind the mouse-people in those Lloyds TSB ads are making a PS Vita game called Coffin Dodgers.

The Last Of Us on PS4 60fps, Bungie redoing Destiny lines and Rockstar boss buys a church! – PlayStation round up

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at 05:07pm June 30 2014

In (on?) today’s PlayStation round up… quotes about The Last Of Us running at 60fps on PS4 and how such a feat is “transformative”! Bungie rerecording some of Peter Dinklage’s Destiny lines (may we point to! And Rockstar North’s Leslie Benzies buys God’s house in Edinburgh!

New-gen balls from Pure Pool, Gran Turismo 7 news and The Last of Us PS4 bundle confirmed – PlayStation round up

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at 04:56pm June 27 2014
Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 4.44.45 pm

Yes, I’ve gone with a picture of Pure Pool instead of those other much higher profile Sony games listed in the title to illustrate this article. Just try to put me in a box.

Towerfall Ascension free on PS4 for PS Plus users – you really need to play this local-multiplayer gem

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at 10:13am June 26 2014
towerfall ascension

Towerfall Ascension is free on PS4 for PS Plus users throughout the month of July as part of the service’s Instant Game Collection. This pleases us greatly. The same-screen, arrow-dodging, acrobatic combat platformer is one of the best games you’ll find on Sony’s new baby.

Ubisoft on Far Cry 4 cover art controversy, WWE commmentary over videogames, and what the PS4 team did when it heard XBox One’s launch price – PlayStation round up

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at 04:57pm June 25 2014

There’s no clever way to tie today’s stories together, no uniting theme that demonstrates a larger trend in the industry – just a beleaguered publisher defending its latest controversy, a funny video of some wrestling commentary dubbed over Resi 4 et al, and an insight into the PS4 team’s offices when they heard the pricing details of their big rival.

Watch Dogs PS4 review – A neat twist on sandbox formulae, if you can hack it

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at 04:57pm June 24 2014

Most people use their phones for texting friends, spamming Facebook feeds with stupid grinning selfies and rage-Tweeting First Great Western when all the trains in the world seem to have driven into black holes, leaving commuters stranded and furious on rainy platforms. Aiden Pearce uses his phone to control an entire city and download the personal data of each and every citizen, then covers off the spiralling data costs by skimming cash out of the bank accounts of unfortunate passers-by.

MotoGP 14 release today, Sony can’t produce PS4′s quicker than Europe buys them, and more BF4 DLC – daily PlayStation round up

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at 05:20pm June 20 2014

In today’s mixing pot, there’s a new release trailer for MotoGP 14, news from Sony that it still hasn’t met Europe’s initial demand for PS4 consoles, and details of Battlefield 4′s Dragon’s Teeth DLC.

30 minutes of MGS V: The Phantom Pain gameplay, Watch Dogs patch released, and Battlefield Hardline beta extended – daily PlayStation news round up

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at 04:49pm June 19 2014
MGS 5 the phantom pain metal gear solid

Big day for Snake fans – there’s 30 glorious minutes of Phantom Pain gameplay out there awaiting your discerning eye. Certain members of the team are whispering that Kojima’s upcoming venture was actually the game of E3. Are they stupid, stupid, smelly idiots? Judge for yourself.

GTA 5 PS4 trailer remade shot for shot on PS3 – sweet Jeebus look how much better the new-gen version looks

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at 05:25pm June 16 2014

Hats, monocles and any other facial garments off to, GTA Series Videos. Not only have they somehow managed to recreate Rockstar’s new PS4 trailer for GTA 5 incredibly faithfully, but in the process, they’ve also demonstrated just how much work has clearly gone into porting the Los Santos sandbox onto Sony’s new console.

Don’t forget to vote in OPM’s 100 greatest PlayStation games of all time

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at 04:35pm June 16 2014
Shadow Of The Colossus

Would anyone who has an opinion on games please report to our 100 greatest PlayStation games of all time poll, post-haste. The voting for our special hundredth issue feature (celebrating the greatest titles ever to grace Sony consoles) closes 20 June. So be sure to make your voices heard. Oh, and if any of you want to start giving some love to the game pictured above, that’d be just swell.

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